What i’m playing now : yakuza 0

IMG_2324So I finally decided after years , that I was going to play a Yakuza game . I’ve seen so many memes and it always seemed like a game I would really like.  And you know what ! It totally is a game I like. I wanted to start with the prequel or maybe it’s the first one . Well it wasn’t the first Yakuza made but it starts the protaganist’s journey in the 80s.  Also I thought mixing the Barbie poster with Kiryu was appropriate. He’s a tough guy but comfortable enough in his masculinity to dance at the disco, sing karaoke,race tiny toy cars and win stuffed animals out of a crane machine. Just a pretty well rounded guy.


So you start out the game with your Yakuza protaganist, Kiryu Kazuma , there a plot about him being blamed for killing someone he had beaten up , but he was framed , some shady real estate agency, some inner politics of the Yakuza , and later Kiryu leaving the Dojima family to protect his adoptive father.I’m still working on the main storyline, as there’s so many side stories and mini games that are really fun.

6dbdd7a7-1003-47da-b5f1-04e560f86ddcShady real estate agent and some nice city lights !

Now as soon as I finished the first chapter of the game , I decided to ignore most of the main storyline in favor of playing the mini games !

581a9b71-51f5-42dd-ab0a-bf6c9a57f1e0Like this claw machine ! There’s something really charming about a game where you play as mafia tough guy , who wins stuffed animals in his spare time. Whats cool is you can even talk to the person that works in the arcade to change out the prizes.

2142461e-50b4-4a58-9ed1-8a551bb7d6ebI really like the axolotl family plushies. This is the father.

177eda79-0c0e-4e54-8cdb-b7da2681bc86And here’s the Mom. Also the Sega Land arcade is where you can play racing games and one other game as well. I haven’t been back to play the others just the claw machine.

2c78c3ec-a3e4-4b2b-a0d1-4dadb20958a3And yes your character really does sit in the plastic Out Run car . Of course all these mini games cost money.


So it’s a good idea to level up your fighting skills ,and beat people up ! It’s the best way to make money in the game.Well that and selling items you receive . But to be honest I haven’t found the place to sell my items yet. I’ve just been waundering around the city . Sometimes you’ll see a person being harassed by other gangs and you can intervene . And of course the helpful person may pay you back with a fancy dinner plate, or lady’s fur coat.

So yeah WordPress is being weird with videos, so I had to link a fight scene from IG. But it’s a good example of some of the fighting. Which you do quite a bit of. There’s a pretty level up system , but it also requires money as well.

I do try to fight as many oppenents as I can find and level up that way, and I like the way you can switch through three styles, a more speed based one, a brawler style and the more brutal feral style. Plus you can pick up random things and use those as weapons. Small plants , signs , even an orange I bought from the store . Anything goes.

8562e7b7-bc48-417b-8537-ae359eda450aMy favorite parts are still the mini games. So far I’ve discovered the dancing , the car races , batting range, billiards , darts and bowling.6f291ce7-b3dc-47af-9311-cef01fa7b3c1 I also like how you build your friendship with the various people around the city.

80e76d6f-2048-40cb-8d02-d0e5d95a1d15The guy who runs the mini car racing place.


A movie crew who needs a producer,

4b6425b6-585d-426a-b7ca-75937ebd4f2cA Micheal Jackson doppleganger,

9fdde230-e6fa-4cd4-9dfc-15e37d227735 A dominatrix

7e965f13-b7c2-48f2-9b01-f36f18a1f933Or a kid waiting in line to buy a new video game.

The little storylines are pretty wholesome for the most part. They’re basically structured with someone having a problem, Kiryu solving it with fists and wisdom .

My favorites are the meek Dominatrix lady who needs to be more domineering.




And the kid standing in line for the video game. You meet him again and his game has been stolen by a bully highschool kid.

6c2511ee-3cab-41c7-921f-015ff8bd80b8who later gets robbed by another thief.

56d564bb-f500-4112-801b-7b9b3dadaf98and who gets robbed by another thief.

4ea65e07-2ff4-49ee-abef-6c68483c4a5b with the big reveal that the final thief was the boy’s father all along! Of course this will be settled with fists  and then later the father reconciles with his son. And then they go home and play the new game !

The movie producer storyline is also pretty funny too !

451a449e-2398-448b-be04-2b934e323ccfI haven’t even finished the game but it’s super entertaining , easy to pick up and go, plus the characters are all pretty charming , plus Kiryu is just an all around best man ever ! Let me know what you think and if you have played any of the other Yakuza games ?

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5 thoughts on “What i’m playing now : yakuza 0

  1. I love this series! The first thing I saw was actually one of the newer ones (Judgment) with a different protagonist that my friend streamed, but because I liked that one, my boyfriend played and streamed for me Yakuza 0. It’s soooo so great! Then we finished the original Yakuza next and then started Yakuza 2, which is also fun, but we got so side tracked by other games, movies, and shows that we haven’t gotten back to it yet. But we’re definitely planning to eventually go through the whole series. I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

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    1. It’s such a nice story , and the side quests are really fun . A few of my friends are fans of thos game , so I’ve always wanted to try it out and really liked the story and voice acting . I’m playing in Japanese , and I recognized a few pf VA from other shows that I watch.

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  2. I have the very first one on my backlog. I have played probably an hour or two into it and really enjoyed the unique way the game unravels it’s story. Once I pick it back up I will be sure to be on the look out for the mini games – which I have heard for years (and your review reinforces) are legendary!

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