Banana Boat Protection +Vitamins sunscreen spray review

*The products in this post were sent to me for free from influesnter and Banana Boat in exchange for my honest review.

33EE22B4-29DA-4394-B185-07E47B2BC8BBI’m back with more Banana Boat Sunscreen ! This time it’s their protection+ vitamins formula in spray from . I’ve reviewed the other two items that came in the box , the lotion and face lotion. Both were not really my favorite . With the face lotion just being too oily in general. 

BDD72E48-109A-4F6F-BB20-3493B6204D99 But how does the actual spray work? It’s just a spray on version of the normal lotion. But it’s not really too bad . While my issue with the lotion was that it gets everywhere, this product I kind of expected to get everywhere lol. It’s a spray so I would reccomend only spraying outside . So definitely only for the beach or pool. Or maybe hiking if you don’t mind getting it on your clothes. 

25DEA762-2E8A-4952-8BC9-9015A02ED456While the formula is good for making your skin soft it’s still quite oily so keep that in mind . I did gieve away the other two sunscreens to some friend’s that go out to the pool, I think I’ll keep this around for whenever I go to the lake. Which will be in a few months lol .  Let me know what you think and have a great week.


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2 thoughts on “Banana Boat Protection +Vitamins sunscreen spray review

  1. This review was right on time. I’m looking into sunscreens to purchase but don’t want to buy one just for how nice the packaging is. I do like the idea of it being oily especially for dry skin, but maybe when sitting in a more shaded area for sure. Lol

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    1. Most definitely ! This would be better as a beach or lake sunscreen . I know some people like wearing it when they’re going around running errands or in their car but this one just seems too oily .

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