Sam & libby regina shoe review in peony pink

*This product was sent to me for free from Influenster and Sam & Libby in exchange for my honest review .

416693A5-D1C1-4ED3-92B3-35A9A57EB555The box came a bit beat up , but inside the shoes were nice and safe! i was really excited for this box as it’s my first time getting shoes or clothes through the Influenster program.

E04D933F-CF2A-44C7-B5CD-059D546B32BEAlso the shade of pink is perfect ! These will definitely work with some of my outfits. Although I must admit I haven’t worn heels in a long time . So I’ll have to relearn how to walk in heels . My last pair were some really tall goth heel boots , sadly they started peeling . That or Roxas chewed them up , like my poor Creeper shoes. he was a puppy and still chewing quite a bit of things. 

9FA753DF-F905-4D0F-8DE9-C6FB83CDE823Thye’re also pretty shiny too !


92118077-4327-408F-8E1E-F96E17D23722The inside is like a nice faux leather and the outside is like this vinyl. One part of the heels has some like scratches or dents. And just now I made a dent with my fingernail on accident. So beware of that , it’s a bit lame but not too noticable.

4B1B577A-B1F6-43A2-8CFB-DBF9B070A3AF And now the wear test!

286C08F5-583C-4AF2-BDD3-9113CB63AAF1I knew these would work with some of the clothes in my wardrobe!


B03D78D1-42B0-4D00-9056-2C97B690D77B I actually had some other socks to wear with a darker outfit but I thought the white suited these better.

Well they are actually pretty comfortable to walk in and I think they work well with some of my skirts .For when I want to dress in the Kawaii aesthethic . Let me know what you think !


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10 thoughts on “Sam & libby regina shoe review in peony pink

    1. Thanks ! I kind of wanted to wear them out but I was too afraid of being clumsy lol I remember a time my Mom took me to Yellowstone park and I decided to wear these cute stewpot zebra heels . They broke and I was limping the whole time 😂😂 that was so embarrassing 💀

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      1. They were super popular a few years ago . I saw some at the malls , definitely a clubbing shoe . Although I just looked up a pair that was more kink related and you know what I’m impressed. Anyone that can walk in those platform style heel less shoes must have amazing balance !

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