Cvs maximum strenght Acne spot treatment cream review

B5163AD1-CDA0-457D-9081-1DC1F700BB53Hey everyone ! I decided to try another acne cream as Ulta was out of my usual so I went to CVS and grabbed this.

B62D80C3-2A1E-4C0D-9238-B86E7C87BE29It’s 10% benzoly peroxide , and was bit strong at first. So I only used this as a spot treatment and I skipped a few days so my face wouldn’t dry out too much. I had a bigger acne spot that was pretty stubborn but this plus the hydrocolloid bandages helped it go down. I do like that a little goes a long way when using this. 

DEE1DCAE-AAA8-4BD9-81BB-E2844DB708DFIt’s a pretty small tube but it does work , and with the drying factor I would definitely skip a few days to give your skin a break. I’ll be reviewing some larger hydrocolloid bandages ( I learned you can cut them to size) and some scar gel later . So it’s stressful having some problem skin but at least there’s a lot more options to choose from to help out . Have a great week.



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