physicians formua Rose kiss all day glossy lip color in xoxo review

DB8E7325-93D9-4EF7-81AD-2BF768C3C180So it’s been forever since I’ve tried anything from Physician’s Formula . I was honestly surprised with how many new products they have . I used to be a big fan of their Mascara with the green leaf shape and their kajal pencils. They discontinued the kajal pencils and never really forgave them for such a betrayal. Same with Fenty for axing the mattemoiselle line. This was a huge betrayal and I just don’t feel like giving Rihanna my money . But you know what I can’t forgive Rihanna but maybe I can make up with PF. Also this shade looked pretty cool online, it was like a rose shade . But on my lips it looks a bit better tbh.

331357C5-8438-4692-963D-9D33D838FD29The cap is super bright in the light but the actual color doesn’t really reflect that.

FFE66331-8833-47C8-A55A-D2534A51FD82It’s like a black cherry shade. Which I don’t really have . I gifted my other sort of black cherry shade to my little sis. Also this product is heavily scented . You’ll definitely smell roses, and it can be a bit much. But if you like roses , it’s not  a deal breaker.

5A999E22-7BE6-4582-9CB6-0B11B41CF9ECAnd here’s on the skin. it reminds me of an old Sally’s lip pencil that me and friend used to buy. It was so good and rich. I really miss it.

And here it is on the lips. The consistency is a bit slippery and it can smear if you’re not careful. But it’s not too bad, it doesn’t want to really stay on my inner lip area. So I suggest bringing this with you when you’re on the go to reapply. I don’t think this would really last with eating or drinking to be honest.

143C0808-F0EF-4376-B999-20BE60AB5DF6Here’s a pic with flash in direct light. It’s definitely more rosey.

9781E019-96EE-49C0-99AC-38104D1C4376And here it is with no flash and just normal light. It looks a bit darker and more black cherry like. Also it does hydrate the lips pretty good too.This may be due to all the fruit oil, vegatable extracts and such.

078AF0B5-69FE-4FA9-A1D8-235BB5869CD6And here it is on my face . I wanted to try some corals and gold with the darker lip . Plus I wanted to play around more with Beauty Bay Retro Love palette. I forgot to use he gold shimmer in my last review.


EAFA3823-858A-4B04-91BD-C2F6111BD4D6Well while I like the color , I do think the formula is a bit too slippery . It’s nice though to have and it  makes your lips pretty soft. My other concern is the fact that you have to sharpen this pencil rather than being a push up style lip crayon. And I’m not really sure how much product is really inside. Since I will be reapplying alot I think this lip crayon will go really fast and it might not be the best when it comes to drugstore finds. I feel like I could see this working better as traditional tube style than the pencil . Well let me know what you think . I have one other color that I need to review, So I’ll see how nice that looks next time. 


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