sally hansen Insta Dri nail in Mo-Mint-um and Moonstone review

IMG_E2014So for today’s review I will be reviewing both the Sally Hensen Insta-Dri in Mo-Mint-Um and the prismatic Moonstone.

I’m not the best when it comes to nail pics , I usually have my nails a bit loner or reviews, but sadly I broke one . So I tried to file them down all to the same size.


With the light powder blue shade , Mo-Mint-Um , I’ve noticed that it does dri really fast but it needs quite a few coats of polish to be solid. Also excuse the streaky nails , I’m pretty bad at painting my nails lol . I feel like having a powder blue also makes my mistakes more detectable as well . But it’s still a very pretty shade.



The color looks nice on it’s own but really shines when you add Moonstone.

B4314B86-7A74-4399-8100-88BE16A7C5A4It was actually a little hard to pick up the shimmer in direct light .

So I tired different angles and lighting.

8B2F24FF-42E8-4094-8A4F-0100BAF6AB19Surprisingly it picked up here. 

68448D5A-49C5-4312-8860-388BC83020ECAnd here .

BFFCD9AC-0128-4486-9A3F-BA2F09298DBDBut here’s a third . Also the areas that got on my fingers did come off in the shower, but later I pulled off some of the polish with a bandaid . So now I have to redo my thumbnail. How does nail polish come off from a bandaid anyway? Well overall I do love both colors but I do wish the polish was a bit more resiliant. Let me know what you think and what are some of your favorite brands of nail polish? 


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