Make up for ever double ended sculpting brush 158 review

*This post contains a product that was sent to me for free from Influenster and Make Up For Ever in exchange for my honest review.

76701A7B-EB4D-467A-9910-27535CF0AECC So I got another Vox Box this month , from Make Up For Ever ! I was sent a foundation and double ended sculpting brush to review . It’s actually been a while since I’ve had anything Make Up Forever , as I used to really like their concealer in Dark Sand.  For this review I put on their new  powder  foundation(seperate review coming soon) and sprayed some setting spray on my face. I don’t usually wear bronzers or contour , but I do like dramatic 80’s blush , well sometimes. And I was feeling pretty adventurous and grabbed Sugarpill’s ultra bright pink shade in Melody. I was tempted to use my favorite cream purple blush(Fenty Drama Class) but decided against it. I really didn’t want to mess up the brushes too much , but I will eventually test it out sometime in the near future.

E86F0AD9-C86A-4F25-80C1-E285D64695A3I applied with the slanted side first and tried to blend it out with the fluffy side . I used too much blush to be honest , but I was going for a very bold look. I will say these bristles are super soft and pick up product really well.  Also it applied it on my face and really didn’t have any residual powder on the bristles. Kind of nice actually. I will probably try using it with some of my powder foundations as well , but I was actually really happy with the blush application. Even if I as pretty heavy handed with it. It said on the Make Up For Ever website that you can use this for highlighters as well. I’ll have to try that out too.

16CA6991-C2BF-4CC8-9426-31C1B8880265Excuse the darker foundation, they sent me one that was a bit more of a summer color, so it looks like I went to the beach, but it’s really just a cheat lol.

6AAFF3EA-B745-437B-9F68-FC2753C39DAE Overall I really like this brush and it’s definitely going to be one of my main brushes for bolder blush looks. I think if you had a lighter blush it would still work really well and you would only need to dab a bit as this brush  picks up  powders really well. 

Let me know in the comment’s what you think and if you have a favorite brand of brush or style .


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6 thoughts on “Make up for ever double ended sculpting brush 158 review

      1. I have two of the cream blushes from About Face and haven’t even swatched them yet. It’s so embarrassing to admit! I bought them during Black Friday but I overspent so much during that time period that I’m still working on trying the new things I bought. I will try to pump it higher up on my list though!

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