return of Genshin Lantern rite and Ayato joins the team!


It’s been a while since I’ve done a Genshin post but I wanted to share what I’ve been up to lately . At the moment the last days of the Lantern Rite are counting down , and I really need to finish up stories and mini game events ! Also I recently (well in December) won a new character !

Ayato joins my team !! I really like hydro characters , but getting all his items for level up , talents , and sword has been a trial . Oh and artifacts, it took me weeks to find him a workable set . It’s still not good enough , but he works.

6D784C8E-0FCF-40AD-A4D3-2CCBFE651B32Ayato enjoying the Lantern Festival 


My new team of fancy people !! Jean is now the healer , at least for now . Kokami has been moved to the Cyno, Beidou and Klee team. I think I’ll name that one the Freedom Fighters !

As for the Lantern Rite Festival, this year has a new storyline , new characters and new mini games .


7086BAA0-F96F-4A29-961F-3288EB1CCCE9Also new character Yaoyao is here ! My fiance got her on his roll for Alhaitham.

BFDA99D2-D653-4A4B-A54B-38E7E57736DEI kind of wanted him as well but I really need to save my primogems for Dehya. Who will coming out pretty soon!

396E698F-3A0E-4813-B476-6E338C2E60EEPlus I need another fire character as well and she’s super fancy and a claymore user. I actually like Claymores, one reason I use Beidou so much.

Also Mika is also coming out , possibly on the same banner .

B01E0073-423B-4FE1-AD01-3E0FF455928C I like his design too , my fiance says he’s a chicken, due to his hair and the feathers on his outfit , which I mean having chicken character isn’t that far fetched . Maybe he’s meant to be like a Chocobo lol.

A8AEDAEC-B585-4ED4-95BE-3BAE49310B8E I actually really liked the splash page for the mini games , I didn’t save the others but I really liked Beidou’s scene . She looks really pretty here and she’s on her ship with the fireworks . 

Also a new event just started where you can get Lisa’s Sumeru scholar outfit !

C28DE916-28AE-4AD7-9591-287EDC04DD29 I don’t have too much else to share as my computer has the picture taking thing diabled (for now , it was slowing down my pc), but I wanted to end this with the official Genshin Impact promo video of the Lantern Rite festival (which goes along with the Chinese New Year ) . I loved how all the characters , including the archons show up . it’s really well animated and there’s a great scene where Klee is dragging QiQi around and causing explosions . It’s pretty cute !

Well have a great week everyone ! 

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