Urban decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup setting spray review

*This product was sent to me as a gift from Influenster and Urban Decay . It was part of the Cybersmile campaign and I was sent this product as a gift for participating afterwards .The thoughts are my honest views on how this product functions. Also this post contains affiliate links .

7F78F68E-0D12-4A37-B330-C95EE90A28DDSo today’s review took a little longer as I was testing this setting spray with at least 4 different foundations. Also it was surprise from Influenster too, a few months ago I was in the Cybersmile campaign, where I had to fill out a questionnaire about cyber bullying , what to do about it ect. I assumed since they said there was limited product that would be sent out , that I wouldn’t get one. But I was wrong! And a few months later this Setting Spray was in the mail.

DDC27593-C5A9-4C94-A090-F41CE381FA84I’ll be honest I nevere used a setting spray, it’s always been setting powders. Mainly due to the fact that my skin is usually oily. But since I’ve gotten sick recently , my skin has been a lot drier recently. So a setting spray is a welcome addition in my makeup collection.


7D522F28-63B8-4254-A434-32916E1F7FAC I kind of took my time with testing this , the first time I tested it , it was actually raining quite a bit. So pretty humid . Too Faced Born This Way foundation was used along with the E.L.F Jelly Pop primer.

4B5A36B0-1571-4E52-9172-97E7562AA931You may remember this look from my Naraka :Bloodpoint look , I think it worked out pretty nicely , keeping all the makeup in place . I used alot of blush and eyeshadow on places lower on my eyes and cheeks . It gave me kind of a dewy look as well. Of course the Born this Way foundation is a bit on the drier side , so this works .

Now my next time I tried the Maybelline Fit Me Dewy foundation. This one I felt had less lasting power. My eyeshadow stayed on , but after a few hours my foundation was looking a bit oily. But that could’ve been because of the humidity from the rain. Still I would caution using the setting spray with this particular foundation.

2879E436-EDC9-4F07-814E-9A2281489B57I cropped myself because I wanted a different background , but the picture hasn’t been touched up. My skin looks more shiny around the nose area and cheeks . I think this might be do to the humidity though.


And this is when I tried it with the Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation. This is the original formula and it’s a bit drier in comparison to say the Beaty Blender Skintint or the Maybelline Fit Me Dewy Foundation.

89220AD3-8717-40AB-B787-71824EDE683AI actually really liked it with this foundation, it seemed to work really nice and give me a more natural look than how it normally does. In the summers I usually wear a setting powder with it but this winter the spray works better. I will say the spray does wonders for eye makeup, it really keeps it in place.

Next up is my BeautyBlender skin tint foundation, this one surprised me as it was another rainy , slighlty humid day. But my makeup stayed , and didn’t look oily. After the wear test with the Maybelline Dewy foundation I as expecting it to not really work. But what a pleasant surprise !

64A94FF1-C2CD-4D7E-814C-7BCAD6CACF9AAlso I feel like spraying it over my eyes helped keep my eyeshadow stay in place and it seemed brighter .


And finally my next wear test is with concealer and powder foundation. This one I was also inpressed with as it really extended the wear of my powders (shadows , blush, and foundation) and waas worn during kind of a muggy day.

BCF7484C-B28E-468F-B736-21674E1AF93AOverall it’s a pretty solid product , I would definitely reccomend for those that need a quality setting spray that lasts and helps extend makeup wear. It really helped keep my shadows in place too ! Let me know what you think and if you have any favorite setting spays aside from this . I would love to hear from you and hey I may even review more of these sprays on the blog . Also Happy Belated New Year!

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4 thoughts on “Urban decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup setting spray review

  1. I swear by this setting spray. Sometimes I also use the matte one by NYX but I will always come back to UD. My makeup doesn’t budge all day when I wear it.

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