a Look back in time series :L’oreal colour juice in shimmy pop

So continuing on with my A Look Back in Time series , I wanted to highlight one of my favorite lip products ever. And it’s been discontinued for so long . L’Oreal Colour Juice lip gloss in the shade Shimmy Pop. So what was so special about this lip gloss color? It was shifty and basically a cool duochrome topper.

B323045B-FE10-4947-915E-B7E7D2F79A5E Images from this site . They had the best picture of what this gloss looked like new. I saw this in a Target when I was a teen and marveled at it’s lovely lilac/blue shift. This may have been my first experiance with a duochrome product, and it was for lips! Plus the cool squeeze tube was pretty neat too. It was also easily sold out and hard to find even new. I think it was because it was great as a lip topper. I would wear this gloss over purple, pink and even black lipstick and it would add the coolest shift. Oh I remember putting this over some hot pink Invader Zim lip color I got from Hot Topic. I still might have that somewhere, (it as lip compact shaped like Gir ). But sadly I don’t have the Color Juice . I remember panicking once because I had lost one of my other tubes and finding my dog had chewed it. Thankfully he just put some bite marks , but didn’t actually punture the tube. I still used it . Of course I washed off the dog slobber , but still this was my holy grail lip product. And for some reason they never brought it back, even with the Unicorn makeup trend (Too Faced’s Unicorn tears, Lime Crime’s Diamond Crushers, Almay’s Goddess Gloss). Like I don’t get it. The texture was a  nice jelly like consistency , there were no chunky glitter pieces , and it had a nice color shift. Also if I rememeber right it had a really nice smell too, like sort of fruity. I feel like I bought a grape soda one too that was meant as the replacment , but it wasn’t as good.

7E16AF77-F60C-41D8-AD9D-B033C06C082AHere’s a picture of some of the other shades, I kind of think I may have had either the Pop Syrup or Go Go Pop. They were cool but not as memorable as Shimmy Pop.

Also it does look like Wal mart and Amazon sells some Color Juice lip glosses but they’re not these shades and no Shimmy Pop . Also one reviewer on Amazon talked about the product being kind of old . So maybe the vendor was selling some really old product. Not really sure .The Amazon listing is here if you want to check it out.  I did find the Grape Soda on ebay but it’s a pretty old product also I found:


So it’s considered vintage . Also notice the color has faded and looks alot more blue vs the more Unicorn duochrome .

B323045B-FE10-4947-915E-B7E7D2F79A5EWell hopefully Shimmy Pop will get a re-release one day, that or I can find a good dupe. Honestly I feel like this gloss was a bit a head of its time . Well let me know what you think and if you tried any of the Colour Juice glosses or anything like Shimmy Pop. Have a great week everyone.

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4 thoughts on “a Look back in time series :L’oreal colour juice in shimmy pop

    1. Hopefully , I would buy multiples lol ! And thanks for reading . I want to do a few more posts like this but not sure exactly . I was trying to find some pictures of the Bonn Belle flip gloss . Those were so fun !


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