Sally Hansen Friends miracle gel polish review in Pivot!

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IMG_E5813Hey everyone ! I wanted to show off this new nail polish I found . I really liked the orange (again for the month of October) and the fact that it has some nice multichrome glitter . The glitter reflects pink , orange, and green. Also it’s Friends collab too. I was never a fan of the show Friends but thought it was interesting since that show has had so many collabs with other beauty brands, The Makeup Revolution one comes to mind. Also why do shows like Friends and Saved by the Bell get collabs, but I have yet to see a good Better Call Saul or X-Files collab? a Breaking Bad line of nail polishes ? Seriously there are tv shows to collab with. Well that complaint aside let’s look at the color.

IMG_E5816I didn’t actually know this before ordering but this is actually a top coat gel to help preserve other polishes. For the review I wore it by itself. But I might try later to  use it on top of one of my other matte shades.

I tried to take pictures in different lighting as the glitter does reflect .

C5998965-76C8-46E5-8050-37E461EF6B3CHere it looks more orange gold. Also I was a bit messy with painting my nails and got some on my finger. I just noticed that when looking at the pictures. Woops. 


Here it’s more of a solid orange . Some of the glitter looks darker. Now on the Sally Hansen site it states that this polish lasts 8 days. I was not able to go 2 days without chips sadly. It’s a bit disappointing but at least the glitter is fun and I can use this over my orange creamsicle polish when I redo my nails. I do love the glitter though. And hey if you’re a Friends fan maybe this would be a cool collectors item . Well let me know what you think. Have a great week.


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5 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Friends miracle gel polish review in Pivot!

  1. The colour pay off was weaker than I thought from seeing the bottle. But it’s super pretty, and would be an amazing top coat. If you put on a make up sponge first and dabbed on, the glitter would be more solid.

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