Vick’s VaporInhaler Non Medicated scented stick review

IMG_E6154Hey everyone ! Today is kind of a wierd review , but I decided to try this VapoInhaler. It’s non-medicated too ! I wanted to try this in place of allergy medicine , as I don’t want to be woozy during the day. And sometimes my allergy medicne just doesn’t work fast enough for my congestion and stuffy nose. Ugh allergies are the worst. They seem to be worst during the dust storms and there’s still pollen from the tree’s going around. But I like that this is easy to carry around with me, (it’s the size of a lip balm) and I just need to use it once and it works for hours. It has like a small scented cartridge that goes up when you sniff or inhale . 

IMG_6158Overall I do really like this, more than I thought I would as , it does help relieve alot of my allergie issues during the day or whenever. It’s non drowsy, and I can bring it with me in my purse. I’ll probably order another one after this one dies . I would definitely reccomend to those who have allergies, a stuffy nose due to cold and need instant relief without the use of allergy meds. 


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2 thoughts on “Vick’s VaporInhaler Non Medicated scented stick review

  1. As someone with a ragweed allergy I can totally relate, I take Claritin but it doesn’t really make me drowsy. However I also love using these if I don’t think saline spray is enough. Coincidentally I bought one today because they’ve helped a lot with congestion in the past.

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