Sally Hansen Hard as nails nail polish in Limestone review

416F9040-189E-4F05-9DBD-3EB3A0B4C861Hey everyone ! I decided to take a break from Genshin and start tackling my drafts again. And I have quite a few nail polishes to talk about so I thought I would start with the Sally’s Hard as Nails Limestone polish. The color is awesome especially now with lime green hair! It’s very bold and bright with a solid finish. Plus it dries fast. Which is a plus for me as I need a good fast drying polish. I tried this a few months ago and while the formula does chip a bit faster than say OPI , It’s still a great color.


36856C02-28BA-447A-865F-EE6D4CE74B04I also really liked the smoothness of the finish as well. Reminds me of Ulta’s old nail polish formula from a few years ago. I am trying to slowly rebuild my nail polish collection so let me know you reccomendations for colors and brands ! 


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