belif Aqua bomb hydrating body and face moisturizer Voxbox review

*I received these products for free from Influenster and Belif in exchange for my honest review.


i finally got to try some Belif products thanks to Influenster. They sent me some travel size versions of their Aqua Bomb face cream and new Aqua Bomb hydrating body moisturizer.

290FFDE9-36FE-4ACE-97B4-20EF9E6F2A8F I loved the pink and blue scheme of the box . I will say I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Aqua Bomb face moisturizer’s jar. It’s very small and too much plastic , and what you get in there seems to be a really small amount. 

E0AC26CE-3CEC-4705-B9D9-362ADDC60A5E Now as for how the Aqua Bomb face moisturizer works, it’s amazing. It absorbs into the skin really well, doesn’t leave a greasy feeling.  It’s got a gel like consistency and you really don’t need to much to spread all over your face.  I really loved this for my face. It’s lightweight enough that I could probably wear during the day, but I usually wear this overnight. So definitely a nice lightweight face moisturizer.

250C9C6E-A9F6-4E84-8372-F9FE8E1625D3 And now to the brand new Aqua Bomb body moisturizer. This stuff smells great. Like fresh citrus , and also has a gel like consistency. I used this directly after a shower and had the best results that way. My skin seemed to be smoother and more moisturized rather than applying to dry skin.

F0B7B490-0CA3-454F-9ED7-152ED8893036It does feel kind of sticky but since it absorbs in the skin really fast, the sticky feeling goes away. I will say it worked great for my skin, but if you have really dry skin it may not be as moisturizing . I have really oily skin , but I still like using moisturizers in the summer since I live in a dry area. Of course I use other body oils for winter.

E5A6B2CB-A66D-4184-834F-C2F9A3344005 I was sad that there wasn’t a box for the face cream for a list of ingredients , but I thought I would go ahead and post the body moisturizer’s ingredients. 

Overall I really liked both products and may consider buying these in the future , mainly the face cream as it was my favorite item in the box. It works really well for my skin type.  Let me know in the comments what you think and if you tried any of Belif’s other skin products .

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