Nyx Powder Puff lippie in Detention Review


Trying to get caught up with drafts again, And this was something that was from Christmas. I loved the first powder puff lippie so much I had to have another one. This one is nice dark moody purple with some grey tones. I really like this shade and it’s probably my favorite so far.

B417920D-99DE-4B68-A07F-3A4DF1735BBD Same squeeze tube

80282DA7-BCDA-496C-9A1C-EAD74FFB13CAfluffy applicator

463C91B7-C365-4207-ABE8-F0AAE351826F I actually swatched this when I got the Colourpop star stamp, but I love how nice this shade looks.

47C250F7-DBA5-46E0-9E79-7DB2C33614F2 The first time I wore it I added some of the Almay glitter topper for a nice subtle sparkle.


With flash it looks a bit lighter.

94CDAE28-D9E1-4C94-BAA0-903FBD7CC7F6 And here it is in natural lighting. I love the feel of this lip powder, its comfortable, has a good shine , but you can dab it a bit and that makes it more of matte finish. Also it’s great for wearing all day. Even under a mask.


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