Nyx jumbo liner in Milk Review


I finally decided it was time to try the Nyx jumbo Milk liner. I always heard a few friends and other online talk about this being sort of a holy grail product , when it comes to shadow bases. My old Nyx white shadow base jar , is pretty much empty and the little product left is dry and my eye makeup hasn’t lasted as long as it should. So I ordered this to see how I like it.

B797453C-118E-43B8-B3E3-28F114997286 Here’s a swatch, it’s definitely a nice solid white . Also you can sharpen this liner. Some of the reviews I read on amazon complained that the tip was all the product, but no you can definitely sharpen this pencil. I actually really liked the pencil too as I can use the tip to line my waterline easier than with just a brush. Plus it didn’t irritate my water line, and it was so much easier than using another brush to apply my white base.

Here’s my first look with the new white base :

138CCB6F-0ED8-4FB0-9422-462ABFC7AB2C I was really happy with how bright and vivid the colors were. It was easy for me to blend out the lighter purples and mauve shades. Also my eye makeup did last a bit longer than the Nyx white eyeshadow base jar.

I did want to try another look before I end this review.

This look I wanted to use as many different brands of shadows that I could , Juvia’s Place ,Urban Decay Glamlite, Too Faced ,and Sugarpill were all used.

 I wanted to use a lot cool blues, turquoise, and the purple shimmer in the middle was a bit of an accident . I wanted some extra shimmer on the middle of the lid, but didn’t expect PSL and Chill from the Too Faced Pumpkin Spice palette to be so pigmented. Certain colors were definitely very bright over the base.

0672B621-7BCC-4343-BEB0-F9812AFA1F37I was going for a planetary look!

B6947255-A446-4951-B537-485ABC155F88 Plus the face gems are pretty fun to play with !

I feel like the Sugarpill Funsize palette formuala has always been a bit on the drier side, but the colors really pop over the white liner.

I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I’ve been feeling blues lately and have been wanting to do more blue looks.


Overall I really liked this product and was happy that it works so well with my makeup. I do like that instead of painting on the white shadow , now I can just draw on the white base. It really helps me save brushes, as I try to use separate brushes for products and shadows.

56E1B2C2-19F8-4F2F-B7BF-5951E96CE34BLet me know what you think and if you’ve tried any of Nyx’s other jumbo eye pencils? What other colors should I try out next?


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4 thoughts on “Nyx jumbo liner in Milk Review

  1. There was a time I had a few of these to use as bases but my eyelids are too oily so they creased. I heard others have great experience with it though so it seems I’m just unlucky! lol.

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