WeT n Wild cloud pOut marshmallow lip mousSe in Candy Wasted Review

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63AAF645-ECCE-4E18-97A5-CDD53D329F57 I’ve been meaning to review this lip mousse for a while, it was gifted to me, and I just loved the color.  A very bright candy pink, plus the name is super cute Cloud Pout. It also has marshmallow powder, argan oil, avocado oil and vitamin E. Plus it really does smell like marshmallows!

AA652B01-BCC9-42E3-A9B9-918AB49C9B1AWith this being kind of a competitor to the Nyx Powder Puff Lippie , I expected this to be a bit more matte. But on the swatch it was actually kind of shiny. I wonder if that was due to the oils in the formula. Also the smell is really nice and sweet. It actually does kind of smell like marshmallows.

 On my lips , it actually felt really nice ! at first it was a bit shiny.

FCFBE645-A1EB-4E73-AAD3-4C002913DAAE Here it is in all it’s bright pink glory !

45C33399-4EB3-4D0B-B2C1-B4E2C17D3422I think this was after kind of rubbing my lips together.

48F1711E-35FC-483D-87B1-C56988400A30 And here’s a more diffused look after I used my finger to kind of rub off some of the color. It’s a really nice bright , still kind of shiny diffused look.

CC6C7C57-7FA3-414C-85EC-B258A2456D98 I really liked the wear of this. I went to the store and wore a mask , and still my lipstick didn’t really smudge that much. It’s a super bright color and think it would work well with blending with a lighter color, either the Nyx Powder puff or another Cloud Pout shade.  I do plan on getting more of these as I really liked the color and wear . I did get a warning from another friend that these do expire quickly , so I’ll keep that in mind. 

Well let me know in the comment’s what you think and if you’ve tried Cloud Pout before ? What were your favorite colors ?

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4 thoughts on “WeT n Wild cloud pOut marshmallow lip mousSe in Candy Wasted Review

  1. Both the lipstick type and color are super cute names! Looks great on you. I love a very bright magenta pink. I think it’s a lovely alternative to a red lip.

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