wet n wild enhance and define mascara review

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F8AE87CE-5C10-4835-80EF-5C5791EFFFF8Hey everyone !  I’ve decided to do more mini reviews and try to catch up with all my drafts. As always I go through mascaras pretty frequently and even though I have some favorites ( Milk Kush mascara ) I do like trying drug store brands too . This Wet n Wild mascara interested me as it’s supposed to condition lashes and it has a cool spiral wand.

82362A25-6561-49F1-8FEE-FE249FD4A558This is kind of nice change from the overly huge brushes , or super spikey short bristles (looking at you maybeline and the last Wet n Wild mascara I bought). I really this design as it seems to separate the lashes very well.

76A30BB2-E56F-44C4-9F13-18E61EEE28C6Here’s my eye without mascara.

037AF637-6F20-452E-B398-9A6A813423AA And my other eye with mascara. It’s not a super dramatic change , but it did seperate the lashes and make them a bit more noticeable.

D574EB8B-B300-4C16-B044-B1BAEAA8248E And here I decided to use it on both eyes . It’s very subtle , but would probably be great for putting on and running errands. I love playing around with colors so I did a bit of a glam look to test it out.  But I did like the consistency of the formula, separates the lashes , no clumping, not overly hard or stiff. It’s not bad. especially if you were going for a more subtle lash look. There were a few that I had to separate but nothing too spidery.  And the price is pretty good too if you want a nice on the run mascara .  So let me know what you think and if you’ve tried this before . Have a good week everyone .

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