Neutrogena Original Fragrance-Free Gentle Cleansing Bar Review

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Quick review time ! I decided retry the Neutrogena original formula face bar. Last time I tried this I was a teen, but I wanted to see if it would well for me now.

3B367C9E-C8C7-446B-AC0D-C7145DE85F8DI’ve been only using this bar for about week and a half. So far I have not noticed any dryness or break outs. I mainly use this facial bar once a day, and if it’s after wearing makeup . I usually remove all my skin tint with the Eve Lom makeup remover and then follow up with this.

040FC184-01D9-43E6-828E-8DF6CC4053CF I forgot to take pics of the bar unwrapped , as it looks like a lemon candy and it’s actually pretty aesthetic. Maybe next time.  Overall I thought this worked well as a light cleansing bar, and was gentle enough to use once per day. I try not to over clean my face as sometimes that can dry me out and make my face red.  I would definitely recommend if you needed a light gentle face bar. Have a good week everyone !

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