Colouredraine Matte Lip Paint in Lucky Charm revIew

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7CA89061-13BE-4B7A-8706-39812BB247C6Hey everyone , I was bit late writing this as St. Patt’s day already passed but the main reason  I bought this was to try and channel one of my favorite anime and manga characters. Jolyne Cujoh from the Stone Ocean part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. If you’re not familiar JoJo’s is long running manga (1987-to current year) that got it’s anime debut in 2012. The anime follows a legendary family known as the Joestar’s and their descendants. The art is iconic, as the manga artist draws inspiration from fashion, popular music, and it has an everything goes supernatural element.  As well as story beats that can make you cry , and pretty cool and weird fight scenes. Star Ocean featured a  prison guard shooting at some poison dart frogs raining from the sky conjoured up by one of the heroes. So yeah anything goes .  And I always wanted to try a green lipstick , especially one that is as close to Jolyne’s signature green lips.

So I ordered this along with the Galaxy purple shade which I reviewed not too long ago. Sadly I had issues with the dryness for Galaxy, so I’ll see if Lucky Charm is a bit better.

9442A64C-8565-4811-95B1-13CDADA20370The packaging is really nice with the green being metallic , also it’s a limited edition shade that I believe came out with the Juicy collection.


2D97CA0C-9EF3-4678-B40D-8647DF94BAF7 Here the shade looks more on the olive shade of green but we’ll see with the swatches.

Without flash it looks more matte but with flash it looked kind of shiny. Since it’s been a while since I took the swatch pictures the shiny side might have been when it was first applied.

And finally on the lips:

Without flash :


and with flash:


Now before I go further into the full face look , I took quite a bit of pictures for this review as I was trying to attempt to cosplay ( I don’t have her sick clothes) Jolyne. And while doing this I sadly felt how dry it was on my lips. Just like Galaxy it definitely dries lips out no matter how much lip mask, lip balm or even with my sugar scrub lip balm . I was pretty sad about that , but at least color looks good for the pictures. I think if you wanted to use this for cosplay pictures , this would be a great lipstick . But for a full day’s use it might be a bit too dry and you would have issues with lipstick cracking. So not cool. It’s really a shame as I really love this color and on my lips it definitely looks like Jolyne’s signature look.

Also for this look I went easy on the face products and just did a face tint, Makeup Revolution’s Bird of Paradise lime green shade on my eyes. Nyx a bit edgy liner , I made the lower black on my lids a bit bolder with JP Wahala, and since Jolyne’s lashes are bit spikey , I layered the infamous Maybelline mascara ( it always gives me spider lashes , but hey I want that now ) over Tarte’s Light, Camera, Lashes mascara. And finally Lucky Charm.

E20BAB32-345D-4D48-82CE-CABDD487D5CAI’m new to space buns , so they’re not quite perfect.


C1161585-B702-4DB6-B916-B0EEA1E8D89EI tried to do some poses but they came out kind of wonky. So instead how about a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure filter pic, complete with menacing symbols.

3FA08F2E-C930-4614-AE34-28F30ABAD817 Well if I ever find her outfit I wouldn’t mind going as Jolyne for a comic con . I do need a more comfortable green lipstick though. Let me know if your green lipstick choices and if you’ve ever seen JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure !

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