New Raccoon Tail hair !

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I decided to do a makeup and hair post today. I redyed my hair and decided to add a zazzy raccoon tail to my green side. It came out a better than expected and I was happy to use some of my old One n Only pastel blue. This color was sent to me a few years before I started blogging , as I feared they would stop making it . So One n Only sent me three tubes when i asked about the color. Thankfully I don’t believe it has been discontinued yet and I even plan on digging up some old pictures to review my last tube that I have. Also I’ve been feeling bad about slacking on my Juvia’s Place Culture review, I do wear the palette , It’s just I have not taken pics of every look . Mainly because I’ll go out somewhere and then later come home and play Elden Ring. Which I also want to review as well. Elden Ring is amazing ! So for hair colors and brand I used are.

  • For neon pink : mix of Iroiro Neon pink, some conditioner, and the last of Lime Crime Sour Candy.
  • For neon green : Iroiro Neon green diluted a lot with garnier coconut water conditioner. I wanted it to be lighter than the Neon pink this time.
  • For blue stripes : One n Only Pastel Blue diluted a lot with conditioner. Even though it says pastel blue on the box it’s very bright and can turn any hair blue. This is one reason I chose it as one of my favorite blue dyes. 

And to do my whole head , I did a lot sections, tied up all my pink hair up, and started doing my mix of green near my roots and underneath parts of the pink. Afterwards I pulled all my hair back except the green chunk framing my face. I then grabbed some painter’s tape and taped off sections of my hair to make the stripes. I painted the green on first, then removed the tape and added my pastel blue over the white areas. Then used plastic wrap to isolate the hair , and keep it from touching the pink. After doing the pink and setting on my head for hours , I rinsed in cold water . Like super cold . I always use a shower cap to keep may hair up too.


93A38334-2072-4B8E-93AF-40735B685660 It’s been a while since I’ve done a raccoon tail , Like I think the last time was when I had blue and violet hair . I may even hair the picture somewhere.  But the first time using green and blue .  Now for the makeup I used :

  • Nyx white Primer Base
  • Nyx Glitter glue
  • Juvia’s Place Culture Palette; shades used were Talking drum (light sandy tan), Benin (light matte pink ) on my brow bone, I mixed both shades.  Kalabari ( the bright coral pink matte) was used in the crease with a fluffy brush, Edo ( the dark violet purple matte ) in my V, and Yoruba ( the plummy brown with a extreme teal holographic shift) Efik ( pink with a bright greenish shift) was used in the corner but it kind of blended in with Yoruba.
  • Nyx That’s The Point A bit Edgy liner was used on my wings. I do have a problem getting this thin liner to go over metallic shades so I had to use a liquid gel over my actual lids.
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl liner in my water line.
  • Milk Makeup Kush Mascara
  • Nyx Marshmellow Primer
  • Beauty Blender Bounce foundation 
  • Revlon skin awaken concealers 01 and 15
  • Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek in Werk on my cheeks blended with Wet N Wild Pac-Man shine blushlighter
  • Loreal Ballerina Shoes lipstick mixed with Too Faced Melted Chihuahua on lips

 I did this eye look before a family get together but I wanted to recreate it as I didn’t take any pictures.  I really love Yoruba, it’s a very holographic take on the traditional plummy brown/ teal duochromes you usually see in most palettes.  I do like Too Faced’s Artist Pass, but even it and the Sugar Pill shade Moon Shine do not compete with the overall shiftiness of Yoruba. The plummy brown also leans a bit more plum than brown too. So a super plus for me .


Here it is in warmer light, and you can see it’s definitely frosty. Also my liner does not want to go over it. I will be writing a separate review for the A Bit Edgy Liner soon.

81D55734-22D8-41B1-B683-7ED95747D75E And here it is with flash! It’s extreme and mystical looking , I love this shade. I actually really love the whole Culture palette, but more on that later as I’m still working through the shades.


 I feel like from further away the duchrome looks a bit silvery. But still love the shade. And I have a new stripey tail. I wanna call it an iguana tail though, as that’s the animal I think of with green and blue striped tails, not raccoons.  I do also want to add that Arctic Fox dye just added a new neon green shade called Space Cowgirl and I’m super wanting to try it out. maybe after the current green fades I’ll try it out as it’s a bit more bright chartreuse . Also not advertised but a youtuber did confirm that it was UV reactive, so definitely something I want to test out.  Well let me know what you all think in the comments. Have a great week everyone ✨🦄.

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