Lime crime Holographic Face and Eye stickers review

*This is gifted post that contains affiliate links as well. The views expressed are my own honest thoughts.

49D49806-4C56-4B6A-A0D0-E871B6D95B80 Hey everyone I recently received some Holographic Face and Eye stickers from Lime Crime . These were gifted to me in exchange for my honest opinion. I’ve actually been really excited to try these out when Lime Crime reached out to me asking if I would like to try them. I know Euphoria is super big right now, so any face crystals or holographic liners are trending. Too bad I don’t have HBO to check out Euphoria but I do love how everyone is embracing the very festival, modern chic . It’s awesome !  So getting back to the stickers this set comes with 3 liners, and 44 face stickers in various shapes, diamonds , stars, hearts, triangles, circles oh and lightning bolts.


  I decided to go ahead do two different looks for the review, as I want to save some of the stickers for JP Culture palette review and a few other looks.  My first look I wanted to do a dark smoked out black , with bright blue around the edges. I used various palettes (JP Wahala for black , JP Culture for blue mattes , and Nightmare Before Christmas jelly much for shimmer) . I applied my makeup like normally , and placed the top winged liners on my eyes. It was a bit tricky getting them to stick on top of makeup. I had to try and warm up the glue or adhesive and add a bit of glitter glue as well to take pictures. After fighting with them , I was able to get them to stay. I do think a little lash glue probably would’ve helped and if you are someone who wants to use these over shadows definitely use it. I can imaging trying to keep these on if you’re going to an event.


It’s really too bad that it was hard to stick over the shadow as I really liked wearing this over black . I think it makes the holographic rainbows really stand out . So I’ll use some lash glue next time . 
370888A8-71A6-45DF-99E7-7585991F89A3You can kind of see my wing floating off lol . 



 My next look I decided to use the stickers on bare lids but still do skin tint, blush and highlighter on my face. Plus I got play around with the cute mini face stickers. These actually stayed on very well over my skin tint. So maybe it’s just an issue with shadows. My liner also stayed on better too, although a few times I had to press the sharp wings back on . 


So I guess I didn’t go entirely bare as I used a black liner in my water line, Juvia’s Place Culture shades ; Wolof underneath , and Efik in my inner corner. I thought this zazzed up the look a bit and kept my eyes looking festival ready.


I also wanted to show off the holographic shift too! they’re insanely eye-catching !



I tried taking some new angles too! I feel like the black eye look had more cool tones in the liner where here you can see how prismatic the liner and stickers really are.


I will definitely be playing with these more ! I am currently experimenting if I can reuse the stickers , and how many times I can reuse them, so I’ll probably post updates for that. I do like the aesthetic of the stickers, and how they can really dress up makeup looks. I do think Lime Crime should make the liners just a bit sticker as these can have issues when using over eyeshadows. Also some of the liner shapes are pretty big so I wonder if you can cut them or they’ll make smaller strips ? I have yet to try the super skinny ones , but maybe next time . Well let me know what you think of the stickers and if you’ve ever tried a similar product. Oh and I meant to post this on top , but Lime Crime me code for 15 percent off to share with my readers . Just use code OLIVE15 at checkout for 15 percent off . Have a great week everyone ✨🦄.

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12 thoughts on “Lime crime Holographic Face and Eye stickers review

    1. I can see that , I think tweezers may help for those with shaky hands . I do wish the adhesive was a bit better though , as I love piling shadows and these over them lol . And thanks ✨☺️


      1. On my bare skin , the glue didn’t really irritate me too much . And I think the bigger liner stuck to my eye better without eye makeup, or primer .


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