Tom’s Of maine natural strength plastic-free DEodorant with hemp seed oil and creamy coconut review

3FF9CA32-B117-4FBE-A47C-ECD0F456D3FB Excuse the dirty top on the product, it was sent to me like this. I think it’s due the paper cardboard style packaging.  But I thought it’s been long enough since I’ve been using this new deodorant ( like almost 3 weeks) that I could write a good review. 


I’ve been using Tom’s products for a while , specifically the deodorant since most of their line doesn’t include aluminum . But I decided to try this one out because it has coconut and it works 48 hours. This is an amazing claim, also for those of you concerned with plastic waste, the packaging is cardboard. You have to push it up from the bottom kind of like the Push-Pop ice creams lol. It also includes hemp seed oil , which I believe has made my underarm area pretty smooth.

ADC78C8B-5C5E-4BC9-A1B2-42B5B512E141I wanted to take a pic without the top to show the product too. No overhead pics though as it was slightly cracked. I’m not really sure what was up with the shipping.  But how this deodorant does work and I have really skipped a day when using it.  It’s smells amazing too, like a coconut dessert !   I do think this would be good for people with sensitive skin as the hemp seed oil and other oils seems to really smooth out skin, plus while the scent is tropical , it’s on the lighter side. It does seem to melt a bit so keep this in a cool area, (it’s probably a mix of the beeswax and the oils).  But overall I would definitely recommend this deodorant! Let me know in the comment’s if you’ve tried this before and if you like Tom’s of Maine’s other products as well. Have a good week ✨!

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8 thoughts on “Tom’s Of maine natural strength plastic-free DEodorant with hemp seed oil and creamy coconut review

  1. Finding a natural deodorant that lasts is so difficult! So far the best that has worked for me is from Native, but I can only wear those on days I’m not doing anything too strenuous or being out too long in the heat. I definitely would like to try this one sometime!

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    1. I still haven’t tried Native yet , so my only thing to compare would be the other Tom’s natural deodorant. I believe it was the lavender one , it works okay but I think I liked this one better . And I hear you about the heat and summer . I live in a desert so it can get unbearable, at least I don’t have the humidity lol .

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      1. I tried a Tom’s deodorant before a very long time ago. It didn’t work that great for me in terms of longevity, so if you like this version better I have higher hopes for it!

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