Some ombre lips And smokey eyeS!

I usually try not to post too many filtered pics but decided it was okay cause there was some fancy colors in the background. Also how hard is it to find a good filter on Instagram that doesn’t make me orange or change my makeup color so much that it doesn’t match. It’s like the dark side of filters. But hey I love the background replacements and the awesome grainy effect. Today’s look or rather last Friday’s look was smokey eyes and ombre lips. I wanted to also show off the new silvery platinum hair. I redid my roots again, plus some nice purple toner. I make my own with conditoner, drops of Arctic Fox Virgin Pink, a few drops of One n Only argon oil Pastel Aqua all mixed . I conditioned my hair and let it sit in the shower and then rinse! and finally platinum blonde! I’ve been so Genshin crazy I’ve left my hair blonde for a bit longer till I can do the neon colors. And what products did I use on my face , well Fenty Poutsicles on the lips, Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon’s for the smokey parts , and Urban decay Stoned Vibes for the shimmer. Also the Beauty Blender skin tint has become my favorite foundation to use !


Well I do hope to post some more reviews this month ! And become better at reviewing games . Plus I feel I’ve gotten lazy with my eyes recently, tons of smokey eyes looks , but I want to start doing my colors again . What types of looks have you all been doing lately ? Let me know in the comments ✨☺️ Have a great week !

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4 thoughts on “Some ombre lips And smokey eyeS!

  1. I did a smokey-red kind of look for V-day but lately (other than for blog reviews) I’ve been really into neutrals! Let’s see how long that lasts lol. I like what you created! It’s a pretty look.

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