Flashback Review:Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons

IMG_2572 (2).JPG

So this probably should’ve  been posted sooner but I got busy. But this is basically my go to neutral palette. I recived it as gift for Christmas last year and I have already hit pan on one of the colors (Cashew Chew). Now I use this palette manly with some of my brighter colors so I can smokey neon looks, but occassionally I like to do a full neutral eye to go with my bright lipsticks too. Also I thought it would be kind of cute to post this on Valentine’s Day 💕. It’s definitely got the hearts and candy theme going for it . 

I love the heart shaped pans.


The packaging is adorable , and I love the sturdy pink tin. I can see myself saving it and using it for some other random things . Maybe i can try to press my own colors back into the empties for later.

IMG_2578 (2).JPG
oh man these swatch horribly on my arm.

And now I’ll go ahead and get this out of the way , these colors swatch really bad on my arm. like really bad , that if I had swatched these in the store I wouldn’t have bought it . But with that said they work great on my actual lids, they need primer, glitter glue for the shimmer shades , and some build up but they work really well.  I’m not even going to try and name the shades on my arm since they look so bad and I kind of forget which colors were which. Divinity,Cashew Chew, and Pecan Preline just do not show up on my arm.But I do uses these shades alot with primer or concealer and I can buid them up that way. The formual here seems to be sort of dusty for the pale matte colors, the darker chocolate colors are less dusty but easy to blend.Earl Grey ( it looks like a greyish black on me but can look blue toned on others) has bit of fallout but its easy to clean up if you do your face last. The actual shimmer shades like Satin Sheets,  Cafe’ Au Lait, Molasses Chip, and Go Fetch are kind buttery and easier to work with.  Black Current is a bit of wierd shade ,which I do use but usually over another color, same with the lighter pink Sprinkles which I use over other colors for a more dimensional look.  I guess I should go over the actual colors in the pan .

Almond Truffle:is a muted medium cool toned tan color. I use this in my crease and sometimes in my brow.

Cashew Chew : this has been my real go to brow bone color, its a bit of a light peachy tan color.

Dark Truffle : my favorite dark chocolate color, it looks like it has slight sparkle but usually goes matte on my skin. its perfect for smokey eyes.

Satin Sheets: This is the sparkly  gold champage color. I love layering this over Sprinkles or Cotton Candy.

Sprinkles : this a sort of yellow or peach toned light pink color, I like using this in looks with brighter neon pinks in my collection or layered with satin sheets.

Molasses chip: beautiful shimmery light copper color. I really like this one too, I’ve worn it with Drak truffle but also with neon oranges for a unique eye look.

Malted: In the pan it looks like a medium chocolate brown with gold glitter flecks but its actually a really nice matte that i use in my crease for transistions.

Cotton candy: a nice pastel candy pink , its slightly powdery and shimmery , but looks good with darker or even brighter pinks and purples.

Cafe’ Au Lait: My favorite color in the palette and one of the reasons I wanted this palette. Its so pretty and and is like a silver champagne color . It looks amazing for a shimmery smokey eye look.

Bordeux : I’ll admit that I always forget about this color , Its a warm burgandy brown color.

Mocha: a lighter medium chocolate color, this one I do use quite a bit,

Black Current: so it looks like a dark purple with some red sparkles, but on the eye its more of plummy/purply chocolate color. it can be finicky with fallout but I’ve made it work for me. sometimes you can see the red glitter on the eye as well. Also it works better over layered over another color.

Dark Truffle: really Like this color , Its a nice rich dark chocolate , i use it for smokey eyes and for pairing with some of neon bright colors from other palettes.

Pecan Praline: A  medium taupe/grey color. its one of my favorites to use when I’m wearing a bold lip look.

Totally Fetch!: A bright Fuscia pink color , it has some shimmer to it and I like using this paired with some of the darker colors like Dark Truffle,Malted or Earl Grey.

Earl Grey: In the pan it looks like a blue toned grey, but on my skin looks like a cool grey or black. I really like this color, I probably use it quite a bit for when I like to wear bold lips or smokey eyes. it does look more grey blue when blended out.

Divinity: A white eggshell or cream color. I use it quite a bit for brow bones or to prep my other shadows.

The whole palette is scented and I know some people had allergies to whatever they scented it with. I think it was Vanillin but not exactly sure. It didn’t really bother me or my my eyes react though.

Now on to the eyelooks

IMG_2718 (2).JPG
Colors used Malted , Mocha ,Cashew Chew, Divinity

IMG_2729 (2)

This look was mainly so I could Demo the Stila Midnight eyeliner, I used divinity on my brow, used Mocha in my crease and blended up, used a tighter brush and blended in Malted to darken my Crease. For the center of my eye I used Cashew Chew , then lined with Stila Midnight.

My second look is my favorite eye so far as it uses Earl Grey, and Cafe Au Lait, as well as Divinity and Pecan Prelain.

29057e5c-ac98-45d9-9947-19b9d59c6842 (2)

IMG_6093 (2)

Depending on the lighting Cafe Au Lait looks more warm or cool. But it’s one of my favorite looks to wear with bright lipsticks. 

My next look I used to try out with this plummy red lipstick by Rimmel . I didn’t quite like the lipstick but liked the color combo . It’s very Valentine’s Day!


I used the shades Mocha and Bordeux in my crease, Divinity and Almond Truffle in my brow bone , and Totally Fetch in my V . Cotton Candy in the middle and Sprinkles in the inner corner .



Next up is a Valentine’s Day look :

E434550E-4F04-42C6-BC3A-A83311F0C4C1I used the shades Almond Truffle , and Black Current in my crease . Using a fluffy brush brought out the plummy tones in Black Current , then with the another brush I used Earl Grey in my Inner and Outer corners of my eyes . In the middle I used a glitter glue and added both Totally Fetch and Cotton Candy. And finally Satin Sheets in the inner corners and Divinity on my brow bone. 

D7690212-945D-4DFC-BD8C-D9368AFDDC81And I finally I wanted to post an updated picture of my palette . I hit pan on Divinity and Cashew Chew as I use these alot with some of my brighter makeup looks . They’re perfect when I need a neutral , but I don’t want to muddy my purple, green or blue looks . Overall I really like this palette , and I do wish that Too Faced would make a sort of sequel to Chocolate Bon Bons . 


Also I used some of my older pics , when I was actually going to review the palette , so like 2 years ago . I decided to keep the older pics so you can kind of see the evolution or de-evolution haha 😂. Well Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ! have a great week💕 🍫

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9 thoughts on “Flashback Review:Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons

  1. Loving all the looks, especially the valentine’s one. It’s always sad to see them not Swatch well, but I’m glad they are buildable and better with a primer. I always use Gerard Cosmetics clean base for eyes, really helps shimmers pop.

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      1. Hahaha that’s awesome! I think most people liking the scent of their palettes is what gave them the idea to get into the perfume game. I’m very curious to know what their Better Than Sex perfume smells like, though even if I like it, I wouldn’t want to buy it unless it came in a mini/travel size. I never use up my perfumes before they go bad so buying a full size never makes sense for me to do.

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