eos limited edition holiday Caramel Brulée Sleigh & Vanilla Sugar Cookie 2-Pack Lip Balm


Hey everyone ! It’s time for a mini review ! this time of the EOS holiday 2-pack . So this year’s holiday set includes the Caramel Brulée Sleigh ( was in last year’s 4-pack ) and the Vanilla Sugar Cookie.


I started first with the Vanilla Sugar Cookie as it was the flavor I haven’t tried yet. I really liked the pearlescent packaging on these balms as they look really cute . The scent of the of the sugar cookie is a very nice sweet smelling vanilla , with slight butter undertones . Not quite the same vanilla as the birthday cake balm , but still really pleasant . The formula itself keeps my lips smooth and has very slippery feel compared to some of the other EOS Balms .
The Creme Brulée still has the kind of flan pudding scent or taste to it ,with a hint of honey . Or at least smelled like honey , I’m not sure if my last balm from last year had the sweet honey notes. Both balms are very slippery and kept my lips soft and smooth. Wearing a lipstick over them , depending on your finish , like with cream lipsticks can be bit tricky. But with drier matte lipsticks , these can really save your lips . my suggestion would be to use a light coat and then apply the matte of your choice .
I reallly liked this set , but I wish they would’ve brought back the strawberry cheer or chocolate mint. Those were amazing ! Well let me know what you think.

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6 thoughts on “eos limited edition holiday Caramel Brulée Sleigh & Vanilla Sugar Cookie 2-Pack Lip Balm

  1. My friend is a doctor and she gave me 2 lip balms: eos and Neutrogena. I like the Neutrogena better but eos is good too. I don’t think regular Chapstick does the job on my dry lips anymore. Great review!

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