E.L.F Enhancing Lash and brow serum review


You know what ? I forgot to write the review for this lash and brow serum . This item originally came free in my Influenster x E.L.F Big Mood box . As for all Influenster items , I was gifted these in exchange for my honest review.

So I used this for about a month , and tried to track my progress with some bare eye pics . I forgot to take a picture of the tiny applicator brush , as I have since thrown the product away . But I did try to track the progress with some pics .

First week:


This was the first week I used it . It’s very oily and the way you apply is to swipe the brush on your lash lines . I did paint on the product on my lashes as well kind of like mascara . Actually that would’ve been a good idea , to make the tiny brush more like a mascara brush . It would’ve made it way easier to apply . I did use this on my brows too , even though I wasn’t really into growing out my brows too much.The serum itself is oily and it did kind of sting when I accidentally got some in my eye . Well let’s see the next weeks .


I take some of the worst lash pics lol . But really I saw no improvement in the 2nd week. The serum made my lashes a bit softer . But that was about it . My brows are pretty much the same too . So let’s go to week three.


I think I got a bit better at focusing on the lashes themselves, but they’re still no change . I did use the whole tube this month , but honestly , I don’t think it did that much at all . I wouldn’t really recommend this product as it doesn’t do much , and there are probably better lash serums out there , the only thing this really has going for it is the price . I didn’t see that much of a conditioning effect on my lashes and brows. Well that’s all for now . I’ll try to get some of my other posts up next week . Have a good weekend everyone ✨.

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