Yardley Moisturizing bath bar Soap in cocOa Butter review


Time for a mini review ! This time it’s bad lol! This was an add on item from Amazon , and well it’s just awful .


As much as I love coconut , I wanted this to be good , but sadly it smells like some really bad floral perfume . Which it’s pretty gross . Even my fiancé super dislikes it . It’s a normal soap style bar , and it does foam up when in use . But that’s about all it does . It for one smells super bad , and the other deal breaking part of this bar is the fact it dries out my skin severely . So much so that I had to re-moisturizer with coconut oil and shea butter . And then rinse that off .

I really wouldn’t recommend this to anyone . It doesn’t moisturizer or soften skin , and in fact does the opposite. And of course the smell is so bad . I kept near my shower on a ledge and had to toss it as the smell got worse.  At least it was cheap 😭😂. But spare your nose and your skin and skip this .

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