Tiger Spice Eye look 🐅

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Hey everyone ! Today will be an autumn theme , or maybe it’s a tiger theme as I used tiger’s eye plus pumpkin spice ! I tend to use multiple palettes , but I try to work my theme around whatever compliment’s the main palette I was using . I knew I wanted to use last year’s Pumpkin Spice palette , mainly the mattes as the oranges are very nice and I love the spicy scent . So with that in mind I like to think about what would compliment the shades and go through my collection . Surprisingly today I kept it to three palettes . I’m honestly too scared to pop out pans from my palettes and make my own ,and a lot of my palettes are pretty aesthetic the way they are.

Products used :

  • Too Faced  Pumpkin Spice Warm and Spicy palette, I used the matte peach ( Fall for it ) , yellow orange shade (Pumpkin Spice) blended into my crease , then in the V ,I used the darker orange (Ginger Spice). For my brow bone I used Whipped Cream to soften out some of the orange . 
  • Juvia’s Place Wahala palette , Sis ( charcoal black) to smoke my eyes out .
  • I decided on Urban Decay Stoned Vibes for the shimmer shades . Tiger’s Eye ( the beautiful orange and pink shimmer ) was the statement shade , and Mediate ( the other warm toned shimmer ) was used in the corner of my eyes . 
  • Sugarpill Retrograde (peach blush) from the Orange Capsule was used on my cheeks
  • Pac-man blush lighter from Wet n Wild was used on top of Retrograde to add some shimmer.
  • Elf Big Mood mascara on lashes 
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Magic Touch Concealer
  • BeautyBlender Bounce Foundation
  • Beauty Blender setting powder
  • Too Faced Melted Chihuahua on lips

And finally the look:


I loved how there’s nice pink toned shimmers including the orange sparkles in Tiger’s eye. Mediate was a bit softer , but still nice in the inner corners.

6D096731-101B-4BF4-BE38-8A61E9A0FEEFDifferent lighting , the shimmers look more metallic here.


Overall I really liked this combo and was happy to do an autumn look . I really like the Pumpkin Spice palette for looks like this and the Stoned Vibes really compliments the colors .


Well that’s all for today , but I do have a lot of posts planned for the month . Some surprise Vox Boxes , possibly game reviews ( I’m still compiling pictures for those ) and hopefully the Magic palette review . Have a good week everyone 🫒🦄✨.

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