Juvia’s Place Mini Masquerade Palette Review

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Hey everyone ! It’s time for another Juvia’s Place review . This time an older palette that for some reason I always skipped out on , but this was a birthday gift from my Fiancé , and now I can’t believe I slept on it . 
I do believe this is one of the original Juvia’s Place palettes , or at least before all the mini’s Wahala’s and Zulu . I initially thought this palette might have too many neutrals and didn’t want to waste shadows , but seeing it in person and using it really changed my mind . 

IMG_0967 (2)

Inside you’ll see the palette split into 8 colorful shadows and 8 warm neutrals . What I love about this palette is the richness of the shades , the bronzes are beautiful as the more colorful shades on top are these beautiful metallic shades that blend like butter . 

IMG_0986 (2)


I tried to take a few extra pics in different lighting and angles . The top colors are very bright and vibrant while the neutrals are rich and pretty shimmery too . The mattes all seem to blend very well . Honestly this palette may be one of the easiest to blend palettes of all my Juvia’s Place palettes .

I tried to swatch them all on my arm . But my arm isn’t long enough . The top part is super bright and I had a bit more trouble swatching the mattes neutrals , but I know they’re more pigmented when on the eyes and brush . Plus the shimmer highlight shade gave me some issues swatching . It’s was super powdery. So that’s why it is so big on my arm. The neutrals are all more warm earthy tones, like terracotta , reddish oranges, and shimmery bronzes . Casablanca and Dahia are beautiful shades .


Also these are some of the smoothest metallics I’ve used . All the bright shades are easy to apply and stay on well with glitter glue.

And now on to the looks !

Dark Nebula look:

My first look I was obsessed with recreating , as I used pretty much all the rainbow colors . It’s super spacey and cosmic , and the way the colors reflect in light is amazing . Plus they were all super easy to blend . I started out with a matte Megenta (Zoba) , blended it out with a fluffy brush over a white base . And used the metallic purple Melaka, then blended in Chi (rich dark indigo ) Dalia ( bright cyan blue) Zola(aqua blue) and Mali ( bright green) in my inner corner .

With flash and no liner.

And finally with liner and no flash .


E99BC564-DA44-4884-B915-D22A50E3AFC9I took so many pics , I really wanted to show it off how nice the colors are and how bright they show up . 

Ruby Dragon look :

This look I wanted to play around with the beautiful bronzes  and pink shades . So I decided to start off my look after the white base , with the dusty coffee color , Burkina in my crease . I decided to use this to make the brighter Bori (bright pink) a bit deeper . I kept blending these two shades together and then used the darker chocolate Fulani in my V. Later I used Calabar over my lids and added some glitter glue to add both Cairo and Casablanca in the middle . Giza was used on my brow one as a highlighter shade.


I love the nice orange glitter flakes in Casablanca. It’s a beautiful shade , especially layered over Cairo. Calabar is also another beautiful shade .



Aurora Borealis but make it spooky 🦇  look :

I’ve been obsessed with pinks , purples and teals recently , so I wanted to add some extra touches , such as star stamps , batwing liner and black lipstick. This was a pretty easy and fun look to wear . Plus the shades all blended really well. I started off with Bori (the bright pink shade ) then used the darker metallic violet shade,Chi in my V. I mixed both Dalia and Mali on my lids and used Giza in my brow . 



I really liked this palette and can see why fans who have been following Juvia’s Place for a while always recommend this . The color story is beautiful, the shades are easy to use , and are super pigmented . Plus it goes on sale a lot , so if you don’t have this and want a beautiful colorful and neutral palette , go ahead and grab it . I mix and match this palette with other palettes in my collection and it’s definitely one of my favorites from Juvia’s Place . I do think the quality of the palette is some of the best I’ve used too .  Let me know in the comments what you think about the Masquerade and what some of your favorite palettes are ✨🦄. Have a good week everyone ✨


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