E.L.F. Cosmetics Jelly Pop Watermelon Cleanser


Hey everyone ! I wanted to review the other part of my E.LF Jelly Pop haul , this was ordered with my Jelly Pop glitter mask . I had to review both products separately as using them in the same week kind of dried out my face .


Now what I do like about this cleanser is the nice watermelon scent and the cool jelly consistency. It spreads easily on my face and cleans off makeup really well. The bad thing is if I use it too often in a day . This may be because of the acne cream I use , but I would definitely be mindful of dry skin issues . So I made sure to follow up with a moisturizer . I didn’t notice too much skin plumping , like with the jelly pop primer , but it did leave my skin cleaner and clear . I do alternate between this and a few other cleansers that I own.

Overall I do like this , but sadly I can’t use it twice a day , so I’ll still be looking for a better more gentle everyday cleanser . I think those wanting a good cleanser to take off makeup would like this though. I usually add some coconut oil to take off makeup and then follow up with the watermelon cleanser.

And now for a bonus review:


So I got this sample with my box and I tried it out for a week. it was really just okay . I liked the fresh scent , but it didn’t really moisturize my under eyes as well as my Laneige products . I don’t think I would buy a whole jar either. Well thats all for today . Have a good week everyone ✨🦄

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