Tarte Let It Rain-Bow Palette review

1822E7FF-50CC-47B0-812C-7CAF16553448I know it’s fall , but I still love rainbow palettes , and even though I have so many , I really want to try this one by Tarte. Plus it came bundled with a Lights,Camera, Lashes Mascara . This is actually an older collab from 2019 between Tarte and Jessie Paege for Pride Month . So it’s been on the market for a while . I decided that out of all the Tarte palettes so would try this one as most of their palettes are too neutral for me .

297E58F1-41C4-4A38-A1F4-1FF259BF8D3D The palette is actually really cute on the outside . I love the water color look on the cover .

FE5D3B88-2656-40F0-8626-8F94308E50F3Inside you’ll see a nice muted pastel rainbow 🌈 plus a plastic cover to protect the shadows .

95A48E9A-379B-49E1-A9D4-AC56FE72B1BFHere it is from an angle . Also the palette smells of vanilla, it’s a very nice light smell.

And here’s a shot with the flash on:

115F5038-88E4-4EA1-86AB-04CD9BD3D0FCNow I did look back at some older promo photos from Allure’s website and noticed that the shade ambitious looks more pink in the photos . It is pink but more of a muted lilac pink than neon . I think the photos for the promo were a bit misleading. So they may have photoshopped the colors a bit . It’s still a nice color though.

C602E289-8C78-4D0C-A584-F21B4EDA944CI wanted to take two pics of my bare arm, one with flash and one without to show off the colors. The metallics really surprised me with how nice they looked in the light. The darker blue , red and orange are also very nice swatches as well. I kind of expected this palette to be more chalky tbh. Like they are drier shadows compared to some of the other brands I’ved used but I was able to swatch these on bare skin.


So you get eight shades in this little palette , which is pretty nice as it is a rainbow palette , but I do think it needs a nice green shade. Like a lime, thankfully you can blend the light blue with a yellow to get a nice green. And speaking of the light blue shade, You Can, it’s a bit tricky to work with. Definitely a powdery blue, that can be hard to apply. My first results were okay, but it did take a pigment brush and some patience to get it to stick to my white shadow base. The second time I used it to blend into the darker blue and yellow I had a better result. Plus a nice greenish color. Also the time I used the red in my rainbow look it took on a more wine color. It wasn’t bad just not what I was expecting. I would also like to note that for all my eye looks I used a white shadow base and glitter glue for the shimmers . It really helped the colors pop .

The Rainbow Fish:


So the story with this look is I really wanted to use the pink, blues, and a pop of yellow( it looks more green here ). The blue shimmer is amazing and reminds me of the reflective scales of fish. I took this picture before applying liner to show off the colors . Which was probably a good thing as I really messed up my liner pretty badly, so I had to start over . This is why this is an eye only pic.

Muted Rainbow :


I decided to try a traditional rainbow gradient look , This time with pink and red in my inner corner. I really liked how those two colors made a nice wine shade , and well the yellow blended into the light blue. Plus I used the purple and blue shimmers underneath my eyes as liner.

C57D20BF-0776-4C45-944B-769130F70BD2Other eye in white lighting . 


This was right afer my poor rainbow fish failure, but at least the colors came out looking nice.It’s not a super bright rainbow, but still has nice impact. I actually liked the softer shades.

Dia los Muertos vibes :


I was originally going for a sunset look but I noticed the colors are similar to Dia Los Muertos colors , just missing a red and white . I used the orange and the yellow on my crease and partially on my brow . I blended both colors to get this shade or orange. Afterwards I used the pink shade and blended into my crease then I used a little bit of the darker blue matte and patted it between the metallic purple and pink shades . So far this has been one of my favorite looks with this palette . 

80’s Birthday Party:


My final look I wanted to do similar colors to the fish look , but I made wings with the dark blue shade and lined my lower part of my eyes with the powder blue . I also went a little bolder with the pink/lilac shade instead of blending it out . And of course the star of my eyes is the nice soft blue shimmer . This was one of my favorite looks so far , and I decided not to use a black liner . But I did add the Lights, Camera , Lashes mascara to my eyes . I did three coats to get kind of bold fluffy lashes . Not as bold as Milk Kush ( I love that mascara ) but still bold enough. I did have some issues separating my top lashes though. But all is well.


Lights, Camera Lashes Mascara :

So I was considering doing a separate review for this mascara , but since it came with the palette I thought I would go ahead and talk about it . 
4551B735-5EE7-498C-A0DB-5CFD0728A61FI actually really like the crocodile skin texture on the tube. It’s pretty unique and looks cool. And good for grip as well.

The bristles are shorter than what I’m used to .


Here I used two coats but if you refer back to my 80’s party look, you can see how much of a difference 3 coats does. It’s got a drier waxy feeling but doesn’t make my lashes dry if that makes sense . I did sometimes have lashes stick together but they were easy enough to separate without having spider lashes . I would consider ordering a bigger tube after I use up all my current mascaras up.

I think this was a very cute palette . I had a feeling that it might be more muted than Tarte’s promo pictures .Which definitely was the case but it was on sale and using the palette I see that colors blend very well . The yellow, light powder blue , and red can be patchy but are still workable . Comparing it to other rainbow palettes that I own , it’s easier to blend out than the Pac Man palette (Wet n Wild ) but somewhere in between Too Faced mattes and Sugarpill’s Fun Size palette . I do think those looking for a brighter palette that’s more saturated would like the Bird of Paradise palette by Makeup Revolution or Juvia’s Place Zulu, Warrior 3 better. But if you wanted a softer muted rainbow( without a green shade ) this isn’t a bad way to go . So let me know what you thought of Tarte’s Let it Rain-Bow palette in the comment’s section ✨🦄.


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