Revlon Kiss EXFOLIATING Balm in SUgar Mint

Another quick review time . This time I tried the exfoliating lip balm in sugar mint . I’ve always wanted to try a lip exfoliating balm or scrub , as I usually just make own with sugar, honey and coconut oil. Plus I liked the idea of having a scrub be more portable and less messy.
The tube itself is easy to use and like a lip crayon except with small grains if sugar to scrub ooff dry lips . It has coconut and mango butter to really help soften your lips . I usually apply in a circular like motion over my lips and then apply my regular lipstick. This works great when you want to wear a matte liquid lipstick and need your lips to be perfectly smooth. The scent is also nice and minty , but not overbearing , or harsh feeling .
Overall I really liked this balm. It’s really simple , but works .  I would like to try some other lip scrubs though. Let me know in the comments what some of your favorites are ✨🦄.


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