E.L.F Cosmetics Jellypop WaterMelon Glitter Face Mask Review


Hey everyone ! It’s more skincare reviews! And today I thought it was time to try out more items from the E.L.F Jelly Pop collection . This time it’s the watermelon glitter face mask . I loved the Jelly pop watermelon primer so I thought I would try this and the watermelon cleanser. That review will be up a little bit later. So let’s check out the glitter face mask .


It looks like icing ! And has a sort of artificial watermelon candy like smell. I actually quite like it . The glitter is more like a shimmer . I’ve used this for about 3 weeks , twice a week . I had some dry skin issues when using this with the jelly pop cleanser , which was bit of a let down . But I did like using this product . I do think there are better face masks that rinse off . I don’t think it did that much , in the area of skin plumping , but my skin did feel refreshed using it . It was more or less a meh product for me . Oh and the last week I only used it by itself , rather than washing my face with the cleanser before . This really did help mitigate the whole dry skin problem , yet still I think it could have been a better product . Overall I liked the scent and the idea of it but I think it doesn’t work the best for my skin . If you have any suggestions for better face mask creams or gels let me know in the comments. Thanks and have a great Monday 🦄✨.

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