Philosophy one step Facial Cleanser

Time for a quick review ! This time it’s for a sample bottle I got for my birthday . I finally finished the whole bottle too ! Even though it was a sample it was a nice 4 ounces . I decided to use the whole product before I really went into the review as some skin products can take a while to see results .


The smell is actually pretty good as it’s lemony and fresh, plus the consistency is more liquid, but not too runny. I’ve used usually twice a day for almost 6 months and can say that certain days I had to keep it to once a day. Otherwise my skin would be too dry. This may be because I’m using an acne cream as well, so if you have dry skin concerns or are using acne products keep that in mind when using this product . Also follow up with a good moisturizer too.

While this isn’t my favorite cleanser, since it does dry out my face using twice a day. It does however take off makeup and keep my skin clean. I only use a pea size amount , which I mean I guess that’s good if you want to save product. But I do think I liked the Good Molecules bar better for cleansing my face . This does take off makeup well , but I usually try to use coconut oil before to mitigate the dryness and to remove most of my eye makeup and foundation . Overall I thought this product was just okay , and I’ll probably be switching to a different cleanser after this is totally empty . I did like it’s refreshing lemon scent though ✨.

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