Maybelline Lasting drama Gel Eye Liner Review

3E6C81DC-7200-42A9-A4A2-9F89CC5831DBSo it’s my first time using a gel liner ! And this one came with a brush too ! So let’s get into it .

B9D3F98F-7933-4E39-9334-670A400361FBHere’s the little brush and jar . The brush itself is angled so it’s easier to make sharper lines . I actually really like this . My only complaint about the brush itself is that it’s a bit too hard and kind of hurts if you get your eye . So it definitely takes a gentle hand to use this product.  Also the gel itself is easy to spread and doesn’t budge once applied. I would like it to be darker though , as I like the contrast against my shadows . 
641EF35F-B904-41AD-8181-06695CF9FF59It did not wash off my hand and I had to use some coconut oil to remove it . I also built it up so you could see the texture . Plus a little goes a long way too . So you can definitely build up your eyes and probably use a softer brush to smudge it if you liked a more smoked look. 

DD47AEB0-7720-4E60-8B40-46D218287CBAI like how sharp it made my wings . Definitely due to the brush’s angle . I would have liked the gel liner itself to be darker though. 

Overall it’s a nice beginner friendly eyeliner that’s inexpensive and easy to find . I liked the angled brush even though the bristles were a bit hard, plus maybe a darker black would have been better . But aside from that I really liked this product and it’s a good liner to keep in my bag . Let me know what gel liners and jars you like to use. Have a good week everyone🦄💕.

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