Elf Big Mood Mascara RevIew


I wanted to split up my Vox box reviews as I feel this an easier way to review the products inside and I can go into more detail about each item . So this was a free product that was gifted to me from Influenster and E.L.F Cosmetics in exchange for my honest opinion .


So I believe this was meant to be the big showcase item of the box . Plus it comes in a nice shiny metallic purple tube .


The fluffy hourglass brush reminds me a bit of Too Faced Damn Girl ! But I liked Damn Girl a but better , the formula was a bit nicer than this drier formula . But it does make my lashes look more bold .
Also it dries down hard which is okay but I also prefer Milk’s more nourishing formula . overall it’s not a bad mascara for the price point but I have other favorite masc


7D6B1BDC-590D-4584-A6E1-333476AD2E28It does give me doll lashes though . I just wish the formula was a bit less dry . I do think with the particular formula an eyelash curler would be nice . Surprisingly I lost my eye curler and never got around to replacing it , as I usually don’t like curling my lashes . I’m not really sure why , maybe it was because my old curler pinched lol . Well let me know what you think and if you’ve tried Big Mood before ? 

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15 thoughts on “Elf Big Mood Mascara RevIew

  1. I’ve used Benefit’s They’re Real mascara for years (and then more recently the magnet version) and have yet to find one that tops it but I’m really curious to try this one now. Your lashes look incredible! Blows my mind that you didn’t use a curler and still got that result.

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    1. Thanks ! I do need to get a lash curler too though . I do vaguely remember trying Benefit’s they’re Real a long time ago . Or maybe it was RollarLash . I’m not sure . But I really liked it


  2. I love Elf’s products but I don’t use their mascara very often because it’s definitely quite dry. I usually use the Essence one and I love it. It’s not too dry and very affordable for the quality.

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