Tarte Let’s Flamingle Brush Set Review


My fiancé saw these online and knew I would love them ! I’m talking about the Tarte Let’s Flamingle brush set ! I really liked the box’s aesthetic so I had to take pics before I even took out my brushes .


I had no idea these were Christmas themed 😂 But the box is still so cute !


Even Pink flamingo wrapping paper ! also theres’s pineapples too🦩🍍!


The bristles to these are super soft and fluffy . I found that the blush brush worker well with picking up my Fenty freestyle cream blush extremely well and applied nicely to my face . I also use the stifling brush to blend in my concealer and super fluffy brush to apply my setting powder . Plus the highlighter pineapple brush works nicely with blending my Fenty Matchstix highlighter and picking up my powdered highlighters too . Overall I really liked this set , the metal parts are actually a sturdy plastic with the metallic coating over it to make them shiny . I’ve only used these a couple of times as didn’t want to get these super dirty but they’re very cute and soft . Plus flamingo and pineapple aesthetic ! Well let me know what you all think of these Tarte Brushes . What’s your favorite brush set ?

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