Fenty Match Stix Highlighter in Unicorn Review

You know what ? I honestly forgot to write a review for this highlighter . I originally ordered this along with the Drama Class Cheeks Out blush . I was in a super purple mood. Plus it’s one of my first stick highlighter , so a highlighter on the go! 

IMG_0916I really like the size and weight to this product , it’s larger than a lipstick , but easy to use . Plus Fenty’s package designs feel pretty luxe. 

IMG_0923 (2)Ooh look at that purple shimmer ✨🦄

IMG_0928 (2)And for swatches , here’s one with flash, you can see the nice lilac and silver shimmer .  And without the flash it looks more pinkish with silver . 

IMG_0935 (2)

It’s pretty easy to swipe on my arms , cheeks and brow bone . For my review today I wanted to pair the highlighter with Drama Class ( purple blush) and Fenty lipsticks along with some Sugarpill and Juvia’s Place shadows . I went pretty bold today , and at first used a periwinkle shade but it didn’t look as good as the lilac shade .

ED66820E-5DEE-4ED0-9AE1-B01953F6DB47On my brow bone. It looks more silvery here . 

9BA4665A-7303-406D-9286-01CE2C358EF3And here’s the pic with the periwinkle shade . Oh I almost forgot to mention , this highlighter was applied by swiping and then blended in with a fluffy fan brush . 
43AE2203-F9AF-4BC8-A592-35D6DE05C89ASo far this is one of my top three favorite highlighters , the other two being the Glamlite Concha and the Wet n Wild Pacman blushlighter. I love the silvery sheen and how it reflects in different light . It’s very in your face but I’m sure you can do more subtle looks as well . 
Like here it’s a bit more subdued.

I like how easy it is to apply , and how it’s easy to just toss in your purse or makeup bag . I will definitely be trying out the other Stix highlighters in the Fenty collection. Let me know which ones are your favorite and if you prefer stick highlighter to powder . 


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9 thoughts on “Fenty Match Stix Highlighter in Unicorn Review

    1. Thanks ! It’s actually pretty funny , I’ve used this highlighter stick a lot this past week . A few of the other looks and my Dia de Los Muertos look include Unicorn . I do want to try a few of the other colors too . Maybe the nice melon shade .


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