Gatorade GX VoxBox

C95CE97F-AB93-4D09-A8FC-10616EBE10C9I wasn’t lying when I said there’s a backlog of products to review , including these vox boxes . This one is courtesy of Influenster and Gatorade. And as always these items were gifted to me in exchange for my honest review . 
 So this  Gatorade Voxbox was pretty neat and included some interesting products , including a special water bottle , some Glacier Freeze GX flavor pods (for the water bottle ) and the most intriguing item, a set of two sweat patches . 

So I’ll start with what I liked first since I think it’s good to keep things positive.

The Gatorade GX Bottle :

It’s pretty big !

It’s a nice rubbery plastic and is 30 oz, and feels pretty interesting. It has a cool diaphragm, so you cam just squeeze it and not have to worry about the drink spilling. So actually pretty useful for sports bottle . I do believe you can find these bottles in different colors like lavender print and marble swirls . So yeah it’s pretty cool . I will probably use this as a on the go water bottle . Now for the pods I decided to include the back of the packaging to kind of show how they work.

Glacier Freeze Pods :


So these came in a pack of four in the awesome Glacier Freeze flavor . Sadly they aren’t not the frosty blue color like in the bottles but clear . They do taste really good though! Using them was a bit strange though as you have to open your GX bottle and smash a pod down , emptying the contents into your water . Oh and there is fill line too so you know how much water to add. I’ve only used one pod so far as I’m saving them for a long trip or maybe if I go hiking .


Now on to the worst part of the box which were the patches and phone app.

Gatorade Sweat Patch and App:


So for this part of the review I used both patches on different days , doing different sets of workouts. I will include the youtube fitness videos that I followed for my workout as well at the end of my review . Plus tons of bicycle kicks and cross leg crunches . I did the first patch with an hour and a half of exercise indoors . I tried keeping room a bit warmer so I could possible sweat more as I don’t really sweat too much on my arm. And you have to place the patch on your left arm above the bend of your elbow . Sadly during a few reps it was starting to fall off . This was super frustrating as I could see this being detrimental to people who play more contact sports or bend their arms alot . I did get super sweaty , mainly on my face , neck and back , but my patch never filled up and the app was pretty bad . 
it did not want to stay on my arm .

For starters the app asks a lot of questions like location , age , sex , when you work out , when you plan on doing an activity , what type of activity (which some are left off , like what about skateboarding or other activities) and trying to scan the patch was super hard . You have to have a bright light , it needs to be lined up and even then with both patches I had this :


So the app was definitely one of the worst phone apps I’ve downloaded . And the fact that my patch didn’t fill up was a bit of a let down . So I tried a few days later . And still got the same results . I worked out , sweat alot , my patch didn’t fill up , but just leaked orange ink on my arm . I would definitely not recommend this to anyone as it’s kind of a wonky product . And the app is also really buggy too . So definitely save your $25 and skip the patches .


Overall I did like the bottle and the pods and the sweat patch sounded interesting as it’s meant to measure your sodium levels and activity level. But it just didn’t work for me . I was happy though that I was motivated to work out a bit and have started doing some walks as well . I’ll go ahead and link some of the workouts I did if anyone is interested .


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