EOS Birthday Cake Lip Balm

261FAD9C-AA8A-4F54-9703-B45DCA680D08So I found this hiding out in my local grocery store and I had to get it . A new flavor that I haven’t seen online! This is of course the Birthday Cake EOS lip balm ! I was pretty excited to try it even though there’s still remnants of the Rainbow Sherbet lip sphere . I did wonder if it would taste similar to the vanilla Christmas flavors from last year . 

918D8B27-7FFD-4E11-8BC7-9EA71561861EAnd surprisingly it actually doesn’t smell or taste like any of the vanilla based lip balms I’ve had before . It smells like Horchata ! And the smell is especially divine ✨. I would love a candle that smells like this so my whole house could smell like horchata or vanilla bean ice cream ( that’s what my fiancé thought it smelled like .)

As usual the texture is very smooth, and makes my lips soft without a greasy or oily feeling . I do think this one is stronger scented than the other EOS balm’s I’ve tried as my fiancé said the whole room smelled like the birthday cake balm . 
I’m not really sure if it’s a limited edition flavor or not , but this was my first time trying it , and I would definitely recommend to those who love horchata or vanilla bean ice-cream . It’s amazing and if you see it in the store definitely check it out 🎂.


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9 thoughts on “EOS Birthday Cake Lip Balm

  1. I have never tasted horchata, but I had to have this after reading your awesome review, and you weren’t wrong! It’s so sweet and amazing! This is my favorite birthday cake/vanilla cake lip balm now. It has a VERY intense vanilla bean frosting scent, and it tastes so good 🤤 🧁 . Vanilla extract is actually listed in the ingredients 😋. I understand your fiancé’s ice cream reference, bc it could totally pass for Haagen Daz vanilla bean ice cream also, but on steroids lol 🍨😍. I DEFINITELY need to try some horchata now though 😂.

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    1. I love it ! And that’s awesome you found it ! Glad you liked it . And I think you will like Horchata , it’s very sweet and can be found out most Mexican Restaurants. The mix at the grocery store isn’t as good because they use an artificial sweetener, but the fresh stuff is very cinnamony with hints of vanilla .


  2. I am trying to lose weight so I am not eating sugar or gluten. Cake is one of my biggest temptations so using this wonderfully scented balm helps me with having this tasty treat on my lips with no guilt.

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