Osea Undaria Algea Body Oil Review


So it’s yet another Influenster Voxbox ! This one was actually a complete surprise as I don’t remember the survey mentioning a body oil. Well either way I’m happy with it. And as always this is something Influenster and Osea sent me for free in exchange for my honest review.

I’ve been using this body this week and was pleasently surpised with how much I love it. Also I believe this maybe one of my favorite Voxbox’s aesthetically. The promo box art and the product itself look amazing.

And the body oil is made from Undaria algea that’s been soaked in barrels of oil for six months. I did a little digging around on Osea Malibu’s website, as I was curious about the product. It also contains sunflower seed oil, acai pulp oil, linseed oil, babassu seed oil, rice bran oil, passion fruit oil ( which I can smell but maybe that’s my imagination, sesame seed oil, lime oil, ( subtle) grapefruit peel, and cypress. All these ingredients are meant to smooth and firm skin, as well as help reduce stretch marks. This all according to thier website and Influenster info.

Now lets look at the bottle and packaging :

Here’s the exact list of ingredients in case I missed any.

when I opened this up I was really impressed with the presentaion, the box is sealed, and packaging feels a bit like wax or velvet. It’s a bit strange but feels really nice on the hands. and the bottle itself is a very aesthetic frosty glass with a pump on top. I will say to take caution as it’s an oily product and to be careful of washing your hands before touching the bottle again as it can slip. One downside of the glass. But it is really pretty and sustaniable . So nice presentation there.

The scent of this is pretty light but really lovely , as it reminded me of gummy fruit snacks with a hint of cyrpess. There’s the citrus notes as well as the passionfruit and acia . I really love it , and it’s not super strong as all. When I first used it I was really happy that it smells so good as I was worried it might be strong or wierd. The texture of the oil is slightly jelly like and instead of being super oily like say my normal coconut oil ( I used virgin pressed on my skin ) this soaked in my skin pretty quickly. I did notice that it left a bit of a film or protective barrier over my skin as it dried, but not discoloration. I didn’t notice my skin being overly shiny , or greasy either . So far I’ve only used it on my body and not my face as I was worried it might be too much or heavy as a facial moisturizer. But I really love this oil and have used it both after the shower and during the day on dry skin to see if there was any difference. Personally I think it works best after a shower, as it really helps your skin retain moisture and softness. I didn’t have too much issues withe oil getting on my clothes but if that’s a concern I would wait for the oil to absorb a bit more before dressing .

I haven’t noticed any thing different with my scars or stretch marks as I only used this for a week, but my skin has definitely felt better. I do feel this product is a luxury product and it’s a bit pricey as one full size bottle(5 oz) is $48 and the large size 7.2 oz is $60. There is a travel size too but it’s sold out at the time of writing this post. I believe it’s $18. But because of the quality and care made with the oil I think it may be worth it. It’s my first offiical body oil aside from the virgin pressed coconut oil I normally use , but I might try another brand of body oil that was reccomended to me by a friend to really compare skin results and such. Well let me know what you all think about this oil . and if you have ever tried any other body oils or anything by Osea.


2 thoughts on “Osea Undaria Algea Body Oil Review

    1. This was my first product from them , I would be willing to possibly try other things from them though as the ingredients and oil were pretty high quality. I may do a follow up post once I’m totally done with the bottle to see how long it lasts and if there’s any improvement with my stretch marks .


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