Juvia’s Place Wahala 2 Review

And I finally did it! I have tackled the gigantic Wahala 2 ! I know it’s sister to the original Wahala but it seems like it took me forever to really get to know it and sit down and take pictures . Of course that could be because I have 4 other new palettes to play around with two . But I do love the vibrant and playful spirit of this palette . Plus it has a nice Surprise multi chrome shade too . It wasn’t really talked about but it’s amazing !

IMG_0988 (2)The box and cover art are amazing , it’s so colorful and vibrant! 

IMG_0998 (2)

IMG_1003 (2)So I’m going to do my best to go through the rows . A few of my swatches will be in video form as it shows off the shift in certain colors better than just photographs .

Row 1 and 2 silvers and colbolts!


First row start’s off with a golden white shimmer Fame , spacey silver Greed, icy white Shakara ; and metallic Ambitious . With Gobe being the glitter . Dark blues start off with the blurple shimmer Nawa Oh! , Periwinkle matte , Wicked, Amebo with blue and pink shift, colbolt blue matte Fury , and purple shift Rage , with some silver shift .
I forgot to do a video but here’s a picture without flash.


Now on to the third and fourth row , these are a nice assortment of blues , these ones are less purple toned , and the awesome teals and greens.


Midnight blue Dream , mermaid round glitter Goals, Blue duochrome with cyan shift, Bold a galaxy like blue shimmer , Money an aqua duochrome with blue shift , Egba Mi , a nice dark matte forestry green , Venom , a minty shimmer , Lust , a blue toned emerald matte,Hater a turquoise blue shimmer duochrome with green reflect , and Jealous a rich teal matte shade .

*Music is Tech Noir by Gunship

And finally the final rows , oranges and peaches , and pinks and shimmers . Plus special multichrome shade Fake!


These were hard to capture the shift so I’ll add a few videos too . Fake is really hard to photograph.
The oranges start off with Wasted , a neon orange matte (it was hard to swatch but goes on a white base super bright ) , 419 a super fine pressed glitter that leaves a bit of an orange stain, Lit a peachy coral matte , it’s hard to swatch as well but makes a good brow shade .Periodt a beautiful bronzy shimmer , and ASAP a rich wine chocolate matte. And the final row starts with my favorite , the Multichrome Fake, it’s cranberry purple with a gold and brassy green shift with a blackened base. This shade works well with a flat brush over a sticky base (I used a white base with glitter glue on my eyes) . Too Much is a matte neon pink shade that I love 💕, along with Kolo a purple pressed glitter , and Yab a light coral pink . And finally Oya a matte black with some shimmer . The shimmer of course kind of disappears but it makes a good shade to smoke out looks .

And finally some looks ! It’s taken a while with this palette as it’s so big and has so many different combinations! Also some of these looks are also seen a few of my other reviews , for example my Vox Boxes and glitter glue reviews.

Purple confetti look !


Let’s see if I can remember all the colors I used . I know Kolo was the star , but I used the shades Too Much , Yab , Oya , Fame and Periodt. And glitter glue was a must for this look to keep Kolo on my lids . The pink shades all blended perfectly along with the darker Smokey shade Oya. Fame and Periodt really helped bring everything else together as well.

80s mermaid look!


This one I did for Influenster and Milk makeup . I started off with Too Much (neon pink ) And Jealous with a fluffy brush . Jealous and a few of the other green toned blues seem to take a bit more time to work with and blend out . I’m not sure why this is as my other Juvia’s Place palette’s greens and blues blend out better . Afterwards I used Venom over glitter glue along with Goals dabbed on top of Venom and Shakara in the inner corner . I also experimented with Dream as a eyeliner but I still wanted to add my black wing as well .


Dreamy purple look!


This was kind of a happy accident as I was blending and experimenting with shades . I achieved this purple look but starting out with Yab, Too Much and blending in Wicked to get this nice purple matte look . I wanted to add a bit of Smokey look , so ASAP was used in the bottom corner of my eyes . Glitter glue on my lids and Amebo was used . The pink reflects are super visible, but you can’t really see the blue too much.
It looks even more purple from far away.



Overall I really liked this look and was surprised with just how purple my eyes looked .


And here’s a look I did using the Wahala 1 with the silver glitter Gobe. I wanted to do a nice cool Smokey look.


And looks using my favorite shade Fake :


It’s amazing here on my finger . You can see the shift best here . On the eyes though it’s easier to see in person .

IMG_1080 (3)

Here my eyes look super purple and metallic .


Here it had a bit of the greenish bronze with the purple. This was Fake used by itself and before I added the wings.

And. I wanted to do one more look with Fake , with Oya and Lit .


I find this shade amazing as it’s one solid color but the way it shifts looks like I used 3 other colors as well .


Here it looks more bronzey .



And finally full face pic ! It’s looks more purple here . It’s definitely my favorite shade, and kind of nice surprise in the palette . I did forget to take pictures of few of the blue eye looks with this palette , but I’ll probably do a part two sometime as I do want to show off Dope and Money . But I would like to say as much as I love this palette I do feel like some of the periwinkle and colbolt mattes are similar and a bit harder to blend out . But they’re not impossible just not as easy as Juvia’s other blue mattes such as Gola ( Warrior3) and Love from Wahala 1 .

Overall I think this was one of Juvia’s Place’s most experimental palettes , with many finishes, bright colors and a multi-chrome shadow! I do hope Juvia’s Place makes another multi-chrome shadow in the future . Let me know what you think of the color story and finishes in the comment section and which Wahala you liked best ✨.

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8 thoughts on “Juvia’s Place Wahala 2 Review

  1. It’s my favorite and most used palette this year. It has everything I love!! I’m not a fan of pressed glitters though. I just can’t stop using this palette. I hope they never discontinue it. Pretty sure I’m gonna need a backup. Great job showcasing it!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks ! And yes I really do love this palette , the shimmers are so nice . I hear you about the glitters , I usually don’t use them that often , and always with glitter glue . It helps things stick .


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