Rael Beauty Miracle Patch Review

Hey everyone ! If you remember you remember a few months ago Influenster sent me a box of cool skin care things including acne patches . I really liked the ones they sent me but wanted to see if there was another brand that had more in the package . Lucky for me I found these on Amazon , and they come with 96 patches and are usually $12 compared to COSRX’s 24 patches for $10 . So let’s check these out .




I tried to take pictures of the sheets but the flash made them a bit transparent. But you get two sizes 10 mm and 12mm . I do think COSRX has a third size but these work just as well . They’re great for spot treating acne and are clear , so they blend in well with skin . Overall I would definitely recommend trying these as they last a while and do the same job as the COSRX patches when it comes to treating acne and covering spots . Let me know in the comment’s section if you tried these or any other acne spot treatments . I may try the Starface acne stickers next as they look cute and I wonder how it would be to have a star on my face instead of just a clear patch . Have a good day everyone ⭐️.

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