Nyx Professional Makeup Glitter Primer Review

76B2EFDA-2E49-46F8-81AE-AF6380EB7CB3Since I’ve been doing tons of sparkle looks from Stoned Vibes and a few glitter looks with the Wahala 2 , I ran out glitter primer . Which is just not cool , as I have a big Wahala 2 review planned . So rather than rebuying Too Faced Glitter glue I decided to try out Nyx’s glitter primer instead , to see how it compares . I just received it last week and I was super excited to try a pressed glitter look✨.

9A3B75D5-0FD1-483F-BA3D-A9DFDEA611ADThe packaging is amazing ! I love the holographic silver look ! It’s very eye catching . Now for the consistency , my glitter primer was a bit runny but sticky , so I was able to apply my mattes and then dot on some primer with my finger .  And finally the glitter !
For today’s look I used all Juvia’s Place Wahala 2 colors and glitter. This was my first time using this purple glitter , since I was saving it for a really in your face look .


Well my glitter stayed put and didn’t migrate for about 6 hours . I did take it off later for a shower and to clean my face . But I was happy with how my eye look csme out , the sort of white gold shimmer also stayed put in my inner corner . So overall I would say it was a success ✨.

I did want to try out Nyx loose glitter , but sadly that glitter is not eye safe at all and I will have to test it out on my cheeks .  But I have noticed that this primer works great with my metallics and other shimmer shadows as well . 


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