Tokidoki Unicornos Blind Bag Plush Clip On Review


So going to Sonic and slowly collecting some of the Tokidoki toys has reinvigorated my love of collecting Tokidoki. I decided while shopping on Amazon , I would add a plush blind bag to my cart . There was two different series of plush Unicornos , but I decided on the series 3 as I liked the designs the best.


I meant to take a better pic of the back as the one I wanted the most was an ice cream Unicorno . But the Summer and Hanako are cute too , plus the secret character is a Constellation design . Well let’s see which one I was lucky enough to get this time.


It’s Hanako ! She’s super cute and has cute cherry blossoms on her cheek and flank. I tried to take some better pictures to show off her sparkly hooves , but my camera was not having it . Still she’s super cute .



Her horn was a bit bent but I was able to straighten out a bit more . I do love how this is a small keychain as well so I can clip her to my purse 🌸. This is my first time getting a plush blind bag , but who knows I may try to get a few of the others as they’re really cute . Let me know in the comments of you like the surprise of blind bags ? Or do you like knowing what you’re getting beforehand 🌸🦄.



13 thoughts on “Tokidoki Unicornos Blind Bag Plush Clip On Review

      1. For real though! 😂 I had to go to Canada just to have A&W. Mmmmm A&W. OH btw – you might not remember BUT I found a game pretty affordable that I think you’re going to like. So I might not have Sonic but I might have something even better coming up 😂

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      2. Oh wow ! I do like A&W rootbeer . Can’t wait to see what nee game you have . I do plan on having a long Genshin Impact review someday . Hopefully before the big update comes .

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      3. Their burgers at their actual restaurants are killer. And I’m Canada they still serve the root beer in glass mugs because people aren’t dangerous maniacs you there lmfao!

        I’m looking forward to the review. Between you and my gaming partner on IG I see the game all of the time 😂

        And yeah I think the game will make you laugh.

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