Rimmel London Wonder Cloud Liquid Eyeshadow in Foggy Beige


It’s that time again ! influenster sent me another Vox box this time in collaboration with Rimmel London .
As always the views expressed here are my own and Influenster and Rimmel London sent me these items free for testing purposes .


So now that my disclaimer is out of the way , let’s check out one of the items in my Vox Box , the Wonder Cloud Liquid eyeshadow . It’s called Foggy Beige but on my skin it reads more of a greige color with a slight cool undertone .
I did try to build it up on my arm .




And finally let’s check it out on my eyes . I applied it in first to see how it looks by itself . And it didn’t look that great on my eyes . It needed a bit more dimension , so I added white brow shade (TF Chocolate Bon Bons ) a shimmer shade (UD Stoned Vibes in Vibes ) and liner . My liner was pretty hard to apply tbh . It kind of dragged on the super dry texture of the shadow . I honestly wasn’t a fan of how dry it was , even on my oily lids . I didn’t use a primer as this shadow is supposed to have a built in primer . So here’s the pics .


It’s so dry , but at least I can blend it out with my finger or brush . I used a brush mostly . It does blend out pretty good , but you have to be careful as it’s easy to blend away the color too much . I did add the white brow shade . It really helps the color pop . Now for the final pic with Stoned Vibes shimmer.


Vibes really helped add some spice to this shade I actually really liked this look . I do wish it was more comfortable to wear everyday though . But I’m not about drying my lids out everyday . I would rather dip in to my powder neutrals . Too bad honestly , as it’s a cool concept .


Here’s my neutral glam look !

And I wore it the next day with a different stoned vibes shade . I don’t have a good picture of it , but I used a different pencil liner ( instead of liquid liner) and had the same problems with texture of the shadow . I do think it’s a bit too bad as I do like the shade , and a one and done shade does sound kind of cool , but it’s a bit fussy to work with even if it does look nice and can be blended and paired with other shades . Let me know in the comments if you have tried this liquid eyeshadow or really any other liquid eyeshadows before ? What did you like about them or dislike ?


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