Leneige Sephora Birthday Set Review


Time for a mini review ! This time it’s the awesome Laneige Birthday gift set from Sephora ! This set includes a mini lip sleeping mask, water bank moisture cream, and water sleeping mask. I have used this off and on for almost two months.


 So Let’s go product by product.

The Lip Sleeping Mask is very smooth and almost jelly like. I keep all my products in the fridge to extend their shelf life, so it’s super extra cold when I put this on during the night. I don’t always use this product, but on nights that I do , my lips are very soft and moisturized. It does have  numerous berry extracts and hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C. Some of the other ingredients include shea butter, and dimethicone and synthetic wax . Overall I really liked this for keeping my lips smooth and hydrated, but I didn’t need to use it every night as I my other balm routine helps too. I do like this though and would consider buying it again.

Now on to the Water Bank Moisture Cream. This was one of the best moisturizer’s I’ve used in  a long time. It smells good, and is very smooth going on. It did absorb for the most part in my skin but I could still feel something while I slept. I did like how soft my face was using this product.  I use it a bit more often , but since my skin is oily I use less product, like a dime size on my whole face.  I will definitely be buying this as well.

And finally the Water Bank Sleeping Mask. This jelly like mask feels very cool to touch and a little goes a long way. It’s to be used over the moisture cream and only used twice a week. And I can say twice a week is perfect for this sleeping mask, it’s a bit slippery on my face but not overly greasy. But I do rinse off my face in the morning and notice a wonderful soft and smooth feel to my face. Overall I really liked this product and the fact that I don’t have to use it every day is really nice. I still have quite a bit too. 

I think this was a good pick this year for Sephora. All three products are great skin and products and really helped maintain a fresh face for me. I’m still using the Nyx Marshmallow primer as kind of moisturizer during the day and this set at night.  So let me know what you think of Laneige products and if you’ve tried anything else by them.




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