Tokidoki X Sonic Toys Review


Hey everyone! I’ve been meaning to show off my collection of Tokidoki X Sonic drive thru toys ! My little sister showed me a Tiktok of the toys and I knew I wanted to grab a few before the promotion was over . I love Tokidoki characters and have a few figures and cell phone charms scattered around my house .

So what is Tokidoki ? It’s a brand by Italian artist Simone Legno , whose characters include Cactus Friends , Unicornios, a cute grim reaper named Adios , and many other cute characters that are featured on apparel , bags , and vinyl toys . I was pretty hardcore into the blindbag cell phone charms , which I may do another post on sometime .
Well this run of Tokidoki toys feature Kaiju , Cactus Pups , Unicornios , a bracelet, and a ring . As of writing this post , I only have one of the unicornios and I’m missing a cactus dog . But I was able to get most of the collection .


My first two were the cactus dogs , The Blue Coconut and Corn Dog . There is a cherry limemade dog too but he was sold out . The Cactus pups are my favorite character’s next to the Unicornios . The spines on these one are a less pointy and spikey compared to the original Cactus Pup vinyl figures. This was probably for safety reasons.


My second round was all three Kaiju (monster) Tatertot, Red Button and the special color changing Spicy Ketchup . He’s my favorite as he changes from red to a bright orange in warm water .
Behold his color changing anger ! But in reverse. As he’s changing back to red .


And my third and final trip I was able to get one iced Slushicorn ( they have straws for horns ) , a bracelet and Ring . The ring came sealed in a nice Tokidoki Foil package .

2A49EB58-6986-4611-B66B-E177BBBCC115The Slushicorn is my favorite next to the cactus pups. It’s also a nice weight but a bit bigger than my other TokiDoki Unicorno.


Thought I would take pics of ring’s packaging too as the artwork is very cute.

IMG_1140 My whole collection so far. I may try to find the one’s I’m missing online.  But I do love the one’s I was able to find . They’re very cute and make me want to find more Tokidoki things and maybe show off pics of some of my cellphone charms and other toys I have.



2 thoughts on “Tokidoki X Sonic Toys Review

  1. Wow I didn’t know the artist was Italian. I love the Unicornios. I didn’t start collecting them because by the time I knew about them, I had to stop collecting stuff because I had stuff coming out of my ears! They are so cute though. I also like the dinosaurs. Great collection.

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    1. Thanks ! I do want to look for some blind boxes and a few of the other characters. I have a few of the cell phone charms , and two of the figures. I think the dinosaurs are a new addition to Tokidoki collection though as I haven’t seen them in other series before .
      Haha I know how that is . I do try to keep some of my collections small , so I have space and can show them off ✨


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