Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Palette Review

IMG_1017 (2)

So I’ve been meaning to review this palette , as it was one of my birthday gifts, and I’ve used it quite a bit since receiving it . And I mean a lot of looks, but mostly with other palettes as the mattes in here are not my favorite. In fact I was pretty disappointed with the mattes.  But the shimmers though are amazing ! Plus the packaging for this palette is one of the most unique in my collection. So let’s check it out.

IMG_1022 (2)

Even the outer packaging is amazing ! with the inside of the package having a wonderful crystalline effect and holographic crystals. This is one of the fanciest Urban Decay Palettes I own besides Elements.

IMG_1027 (2)

I had to take a picture near some of my crystals and stones.

IMG_1041 (2)The palette with no flash. This is before I started using it. now a few of the shimmer shades such as Raw Energy and Vibes are kind dented in. The formula for those shades is kind of soft, and Raw Energy tries to hard pan on me . It’s a bit lame but they’re still usable.

IMG_1037 (2)

flash pic is kind of blurry but you can see the shimmer shades.

And finally the swatches. It took a while and different lighting to get good pictures of the shimmer shades. Good Karma and Antidote are barely there, plus Hexed took a while to swatch. Also note that Antidote was in Elements as well , but the Element’s version is easier to work with and doesn’t sheer out as much as the Stoned Vibes version. It kind of got downgraded in my opinion.



I took two pictures to show off the shimmer shades which have Tourmaline in them. I believe that’s what makes them so shimmery and multidimensional. My only problem was with the lavender shade Raw Energy which took a few swatches and some digging to show up. I do wish this shade was easier to work with like the purple shimmers in Too Faced’s Pumpkin Spice palette from last year, as it’s quite beautiful. Third eye is sort of satin too.

  • Good Karma is a matte eggshell that sheers out a lot if you don’t use a white shadow base or primer. I think the formula could’ve been better. I did use it one of my eye looks with the other shimmers and glitter glue piled on top.
  • Jade is the absolute beautiful green shimmer with some gold reflect, I usually use this by itself or on top of various matte greens that I own .
  • Opal Aura is the shimmery silver , in pan it looks to have some blue but on the arm it’s mostly a sheer silver, with what looks to be a slight pink reflect. As with all these shimmer shades, you’ll get the best look with a glitter glue and using your fingers to apply.
  • Tiger’s eye is one of my favorites as it’s a beautiful pink toned coral with orange reflection.
  • Vibes is a mauvy pink shimmer with peach shimmer.
  • Antidote is the dusty orange toned peach, that sheers out a bit too much. I preferred the Element’s version, which was more pigmented and didn’t fade as easy.
  • Hexed is a warm toned brown , I had some issues blending it out so sometimes I would skip using it and use a similar shade from Juvia’s Place.
  • Bloodstone is a warm brown shade with green shimmer. It’s not bad but very similar to other shades I own such as Artist Pass (Too Faced) Fortune Teller (Urban Decay Elements) and Moonshine ( from Sugarpill’s Artist Pass). It’s a quite common duochrome and I wish they would’ve included a more unique duochrome combo. It can be applied with a flat brush though and looks nice.
  • Ojo is a cool blue with silver and light blue reflective shimmer. It’s one of the few shades in here that can be worn by itself and doesn’t need to be layered over another shade.It’s very pretty and I liked wearing it with some of my other palettes or pairing it with Jade.
  • Raw Energy is a lavender purple shimmer with pink reflective sparkles. I liked this shade but I had to really dig in the pan to apply it. It definitely needs a glitter glue and looks amazing layered over a matte light lilac or lavender shade. Otherwise it can be used as an inner corner shimmer too. I did feel like the formula for this was pretty dry.
  • Meditate is a copper with pink shimmer glitter. It’s very easy to apply and can be worn by itself or used as a liner .I’ve used a flat brush with this shade, it’s more solid than the other shades and a bit more like Bloodstone in consistency .
  • Third Eye is a the dark plum brown satin , with a bit of a reflect to it. On the eye it looks a bit more matte but doesn’t last as long as some of the other satin shades in my collection. It’s probably the best matte/satin shade in here though as the other three were quite chalky to use and faded easy on my lids.

 Now for the looks . This time I will mix a few of my other palettes in as well. But the first two looks will be solid Stoned Vibes.

1CC3100B-C30F-4668-996E-39A7CE75BFEENo flash, the colors look more satiny.


Flash and you can see the shimmer shades . The colors I used were Good Karma on my brow, Antidote allover my eye, Third Eye on my crease, and the shimmer shades; Meditate over Antidote, Vibes also layered, and Tiger’s eye with Meditate on the bottom on the bottom of my eyes. For me it was hard to get a good full face picture to show off the shimmers. Also white shadow base and glitter glue was used for all of these looks.



My next solid Stoned Vibes look I tried using every shimmer shade I could . Good Karma was the base along with glitter glue layered over it.

2D2594B0-AB5C-4B10-AF32-98F60AFDDB29No flash



I decided to use three pictures to show off all the reflection and how these shimmers. I used Bloodstone in the crease and V. It looks matte in certain lighting but in light you can see the green reflect, also Jade, Ojo, Raw Energy, Vibes were used on my top lid, Tiger’s Eye and Meditate were used on the bottom again. And finally Opal Aura is used on my brow bone as a highlighter.



And finally pics of looks with other palettes mixed in. These were my favorite as I could be more experimental and make the shimmers really stand out.


Vibes and Tiger’s eye over Wahala 2 palette .


lauramer1 (3)

Raw Energy used over Player One from Sugarpill Funsized and Wahala 2.

aca17f3e-54de-4de9-bbe8-76db255de103 (2)


All mattes were Sugarpill Funsized with Stoned Vibes Jade and Opal Aura layered over them .


I sadly only have the eye pic but this was Juvia’s Place Royal Nubian with Raw Energy layered on top .I only used the lightest lilac with this look.


Also Royal Nubian palette , but this time I used the darker purples and Opal Aura and possibly Raw Energy. I’m not really sure tbh .



And finally a look I did with Jade and some of the darker blue shades from Wahala 2

*Note yes I did try the brush included, it works best with my other shadows and mattes, with smaller brush end working well for metallic shades or satins. I really didn’t use it too often but the bristles were nice and soft.

So yeah I’ve definitely have been wanting to finish up this review , especially with how much I’ve used this palette. It’s not perfect and I would even say it’s beautifully flawed. But I like it, I do think that it was over priced when it first came out for what it is and I would have totally took out the matte shades and just made it a solid shimmer palette with a glitter glue included. Kind of like the Mini Stoned Vibes ( which is sold out). But I do like the shimmers and they go great with my large bright matte collection of shadows. If you have a ton of mattes, and don’t mind using your fingers to apply this can be a very fun palette and for sure if it’s on sale or at Nordstrom Rack, I would say check it out. So let me know in the comment’s section what you all think of this palette and if you’ve tried Stoned Vibes full size or the mini?

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6 thoughts on “Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Palette Review

  1. Oh it really shines best when you are pairing it with your other colorful mattes in your collection, good call. The first more neutral look I was thinking that’s the most neutral look I think I’ve seen you post since I started following your blog!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahah yeah it felt pretty neutral for me lol . I do own other neutral palettes such as the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons and a few others , but I like to mix them with my other shadows . My problem with the ones in here was the chalkiness and sort of basic colors . I think they could’ve made the mattes or neutrals a bit more fancy , kind of like Sugarpill’s Orange capsule which is a bold neutral palette.
      And thanks glad you like them😊✨

      Liked by 2 people

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